Hey folks, clashers, and gaming enthusiasts. As Clash Royale is approaching 2 years since it’s super hit launch, it’s time again for some “hard” but very real talk- About Clash Royale specifically and games in general. Enough of the decks. guides, or strategies for a while, I’m sure you guys have had a handful of them already. Today I’m gonna discuss about the not so much talked about topics of Clash Royale or any game for that matter, or as you may call them -” The Bigger Picture”, because there is more to it than meets the eye. There always is.

We players and writers who are attached to this game socially or psychologically don’t think too much about it, about what goes behind the scenes, or what constitutes the decisions that are taken, or why were they taken. We don’t try to dig deeper. We have a very simple job, play the game, if we like it , continue playing it this we find something wrong and complain about it. If we don’t like it , immediately complain about it. See? it’s that simple for us. Even as writers, our job is to write about what’s going around in the community and frankly, we prefers faults over perfection as it gives us more to write about and do what we’re best at- Criticising the developers and people involved in the game financially. When we have to hide our anger or frustration, or not acknowledge the game’s impact , we simply use the phrase ” it’s just a game”.

But do we ever think about what is the reason behind every decision that is taken by the developers? Do we ever think about what goes behind the scenes, or what impact the game is having on the world, the positive and negative impacts?

That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today- how Clash Royale is more than just ” a game”.

Clash Royale has impacted millions of lives. Be it socially, financially, personally or just emotionally. It has connected lakhs of players who were in search of something competitive yet simple and relaxing. That is what a game typically is. But what we don’t realise is how much it is affecting us every day.

“Clash Royale is just a game” ?

Tell that to the couple that met online through playing this game.

The same couple that today have a child today and are living happily, even attending the global events and “Clash Nights”. The same couple that owe their everything to Clash Royale perceived by many as just a game.

Tell that to the Father who got to connect with his kids by playing this game.

The same father that could never get along and develop a bonding with his kids, because he was never there for them mostly because of his work commitments. The same father that now drops his kids to school every morning and has created a clan with them, and their friends, and their families, who get together often and even plan on going to a vacation together next summers. That is how Clash Royale has impacted his life.

Tell that to the E-sport company that has a net worth of over a million dollars, that started out through this game.

The same company that is receiving fresh investments from investors soon, is opening up new employment opportunities to gamers and otherwise, is ready to expand into various other games, and the same company that will one day be worth equal to a fortune 500 company.

Tell that to the Competitive players that got fame and money through this game.

Surgical Goblin, Yao Yao, Royal GG , just to name a few, who have received fame and money, contract offers from various E-sport companies, and who with the money they earned were able to pay off their Parents’ loan that they took to make life better for them. Clash Royale is REAL. It is doing some serious good to these peeps.

Tell that to the Hundreds of Youtubers who have literally quit their jobs and making videos about clash royale to earn a living, and quite successfully as well.

Chief Pat, Molt, Nickatnyte, Orange Juice ( Who was literally non existent and has made it big only thanks to Clash Royale) are among hundreds of content creators who quit their 10-5 job and instead now get to play the game they love and at the same time earn tons of bucks. I don’t think they will ever regard Clash Royale as just a game.

Tell that to the hundreds of people working at supercell and earning a fair lot.

Supercell has it’s properties in, of course, Helsinki( HQ) , Seoul to name a couple and has more coming up soon , which are constantly providing real jobs to real graduates who were looking for a job that involved creativity. Thanks to this job, they are earning a living, and starting families.

Heck, tell that to the average player who relaxes his mind everyday by playing this game everyday, and has developed a strong bond with people he has never met , but got in touch with through this game. To him who got the opportunity to express his thoughts and opinions online, at this wonderful platform, all of which would never have been possible if it hadn’t been for Clash Royale.

I can tell you this from personal experience, and i’m sure you all have faced something similar as well. The clan I started when this game started out is still there, and almost 20-30 people have been there since day 1 and continue to be, and we all have developed such strong bonds, that you would choose them over some people who you meet on a fairly regular basis. We share so much in common, and have expanded our friendships into wider areas like WhatsApp groups and social media platforms. About the article part, I still remember how I got this job off the forums and it has taught me a lot and continues to do.

The truth is, Clash Royale was neverjust a game” . We may say it all the time but subconsciously we all know what a deep impact it has had on millions of lives throughout it’s 2 year history. As a market, Clash Royale has grown proportionately over time. On Social media, there are pages sharing “memes” or funny content related to the game that has earned them recognition, which in turn adds to their values, and them earning money for “shout-outs” or advertising in simpler terms. I would like to add a special mention of Clash Nights, an initiative taken by supercell which is just casual nights at a nearby pub or lounge in the city where clashers hang out, organise tournaments, and chill. This has helped expand the notion of clash royale being more than just a game, because now people are meeting in real life through something that started out virtually- connected in many ways that they otherwise would never have imagined. It has added vibrancy to their life.

Lets go back to the featured image of this article– It says 2+2=5. Mathematically, it is wrong and makes no sense, but look deeper, and logically you will see that it makes more sense than anything ever will. It shows that there are so many things unaccounted for. It shows that we don’t take into consideration the various things that revolve around an object- an equation, a game, or life. This is true for all situations. Just like Clash Royale has impacted so many life “under the hood”  that are not visible when we look closely but only when we see the bigger picture- take a step back and think about how small things have such great impacts, for Clash Royale was nothing but an idea off the mind of the average artist at Supercell, but with the hand work and dedication of thousands of people what started out as a drop of water turned into an ocean that houses millions of beings.

This article is dedicated to the thousands of people at Supercell or connected to them via Clash Nights, Tournaments, and even the Shareholders, who have worked together , putting in blood and sweat, sacrificing bit by bit for the greater good, and creating this masterpiece that has connected millions around the Globe and still continues to do, providing employment and fame to thousands who otherwise were lost in life trying to figure out what they were best at, and even to the average player that opens Clash Royale every morning and greets his Clan-mates, and opens up to people online in the ways that he couldn’t in real life. No matter how much hatred and criticism you receive, it is no secret that millions of people know how much Clash Royale means to them, for you criticise those who you love, and the moment you stop criticising, is the moment you stop caring. Thank-you and Cheers.