Hey guys, today I am going to talk about 3 new kinds of boosts that have come inside of the game, Clash Royale, as part of the holiday goodies that Supercell had mentioned in their “Electrifying” update notes. My first thought when I looked at them were pretty positive, as it is the first such concept of boosts taken from the sister game, Clash of Clans, where boosts  could be basically used to progress faster and have an advantage. Well, that is exactly what they have brought inside of the Arena.  Although of the three, only one is free, they are still very useful and yet not very expensive. If you are an avid spender or even if you are into saving, you should be having enough gems to benefit from almost all the three boosts.

Lets get into the details:

1) Victory Gold Boost

This is the first of the Boosts available to the players inside the game and in my opinion, also the best and most effective. The best part? It’s FREE! That’s right, this boost lasts for 7 days and is available in the shop, where you just need to activate it. Using this gold boost, you are eligible for upto 3000 extra gold from battles per day, that is, 300 extra victory gold from upto 10 battles everyday for a whole week, totalling the earnings at a solid 21000. That is very impressive for a free item. This boost will really help the players from all arenas, especially lower ones, to level up their cards and progress higher. However, players will have to claim it before it expires. A good strategy would be to claim it just before the offer expires for maximum benefits, for who knows what other offers are to come? A gold boost activated during that period will help the users significantly.

2)  Crown Chest boost

This is another type of boost introduced in the latest patch. The Crown Chest boost is  rather intriguing boost , as it doubles the rewards you reap out of a standard crown chest. Instead of the usual 88 cards along with gold ranging from 616-704, you get 1232-1408 gold along with 176 cards, at Arena 12. The very noticeable fact, however, is that you are guaranteed an epic out of the crown chests during the boost, which like the gold boost, also lasts for 7 days. The downside, or a blowback, is that the boost is not free, but costs 300 gems, meaning players will have to get their priorities straight. A very interesting strategy to maximise the benefits of the Crown Chest Boost for those who are willing to buy it, is to purchase it when you have 2 crown chests available, that is, one overlapped over the other due to not completing the current day’s Crown Chest. What this will do is, instead of the 7 crown chests that you will have boosted, you will get 8 crown chests, due to the overlapping trick. Now, some might say this hardly makes a difference, but surely extra cards and gold for all but free isn’t that bad, and who knows, a legendary might pop out of the 8th .

3)  Chest Speed up Boost

The last but surely not the least of these boosts is the Chest Speed up Boosts. This boost, which some will find to be the best among the three, will set you back 300 gems , but with the perk it provides is surely, surely it is all but costly. The Chest speed up boost will Reduce you chest open times , by half to be precise, which will result in massive gains. The boost lasts for 7 days, like its counterparts, but what is so likeable about this one is that it will save you time, the most precious resource. It will unlock 14 days worth of chests in a mere 7 days. Not bad for what would seem to cost dirt to the average player. A good strategy here would be to set alarms at chest unlock times , to reap maximum benefits from the boosts. Now I know it is not always possible to do so, and that is why you must turn on notifications for the app.

So that is it for this article guys. To wrap up, I would like to say that Supercell has done a good job, pulling one over it’s critics and honestly it is these small bits that goes a long way in the making of a great game. Good one guys. Feel free to comment, and share your thoughts. Cheers