TLDR: If you win enough times in the Clash Royale League Event, you will be able to enter a tournament and have the chance to win some delectable prize money. Original post can be found here.

Clash Royale LeagueWelcome to the ! This is YOUR chance to become a pro player! 20 wins grants access to the next round of the competition.

This challenge requires 20 wins to complete, and you are out after 3 losses! Each player is granted 3 free entries, and afterwards it will cost 10 gems per entry.

Wins Needed Reward
2 500 Gold
4 15 Rare Cards
6 1500 Gold
8 Giant Chest
10 5000 Gold
12 Magical Chest
14 10000 Gold
16 10 Epic Cards
18 Legendary Chest
20 200000 Gold

Some Discussion Points:

  • Share your strategy to complete the challenge
  • Share the deck you are using to complete the challenge
  • Thoughts on the Clash Royale League Challenge
  • Thoughts on the Clash Royale League