Bottom Line

The first Clash Royale World championship took place on December third with Sergio Ramos becoming the victor. With this victory, he just cashed in on a $150,000 jackpot, definitely changing his life.

Final Game

With a 2-1 lead in a best of 5 series, Sergio Ramos was in control of the 4th game.  His opponent, Music Master, wouldn’t be able to make any mistakes if he wanted a chance at a fifth and final game.  The fourth game went into overtime with Music Masters crown towers both under 800 health while Sergio Ramos’s crown tower was still above 1400 health points.  Sergio Ramos Used a combination of Miner and the zap spell to tear down Music Master’s down to about 200 health.  Music Master was so busy with he right side and Sergio Ramos knew that. Sergio Ramos deployed a sneak attack with his bandit in the left side and ended up winning the game for Sergio Ramos.  Sergio Ramos had won the Clash Royale Crown Championship World finals in a crushing 3-1 victory.

Post Game

In the post game interview, Sergio Ramos said that this was his biggest mobile game jackpot he has ever won.  With the $150,00 in the bank, all he could say on how we would spend it, he replied: “I don’t know, it’s so much money.”  This championship has changed the life for Sergio Ramos and he had just made history as the first world champion of Clash Royale.