Hey guys, it’s finally that time of the year when things get all spooky. After months of instability, controversial updates that made the Royale community protest together, in a bid to increase the “evenness” i.e, fair play,  and concern over Clash Royale’s future, things have finally settled down with the recent quests update and the extremely active participation of the creators into the community. All seems to be going well for the developers, but probably only until the next card is launched.

wait, isn’t the skeleton barrel releasing soon?

Well, It’s Halloween, and things are creeping around the clash universe. A special event has commenced, called the ” Halloween Draft challenge”. Take a look at the details of this event:

The description reads : ” Create your deck by picking 4 cards and receiving 4 from your opponent. One player gets to choose a SPOOKY new card: Skeleton Barrel! 3 Losses and you’re out.”

This event is basically a draft challenge, only with the cool Halloween twist of one player getting to use the unreleased card Skeleton Barrel, which is essentially like a balloon, but spawns skeletons when it bursts. It is a very neat move by supercell, releasing for trial a “skeleton” card on Halloween , making perfect sense. Probably not worth making players wait 3 months to execute it though. Anyway, going back to the topic.

The event is just like any other draft challenge, with the same tournament rules applying to everyone. 3 losses and you’re out, but for every win you get a reward. They are as follows:

At 1 win: x50 skeletons

At 2 wins: x1 skeleton army

At 3 wins: x1 Guards

At 4 wins: x10 bomb tower

At 5 wins: x1 witch

At 6 wins: x10 tombstone

At 7 wins: x1 Giant skeleton

At 8 wins: x1 Balloon

At 9 wins: x100 Skeleton Barrel.

As you might have noticed , another very neat trick by supercell in the rewards is that all the rewards are Halloween theme based, which just adds to the fun in the event.  You get one free entry after which every successive entry will cost you 10 gems.

There isn’t much tips to give you at this point, as it is a normal draft challenge. however, you should be sure to take a balanced 4 cards, and always take rocket, since the overtime is going to last 3 long minutes, having a direct tower damage spell really makes a huge difference in the outcome of the challenge. Moreover, since I have used the skeleton barrel in the private server, I know pretty much all about it. I would recommend choosing it if you have cards like the miner, graveyard, or princess, and these will compliment the skeleton barrel very well. Let the heavier units tank damage from the opponent and the skeleton barrel from the units, and it will eventually pop up into many skeletons that will cause havoc, and if combined with rage, from a lumberjack ( ideally) or otherwise, is the perfect situation. Don’t rush, there are 6 minutes, long enough to find a weakness in the enemy’s deck or to outplay him. Remember, its not about the numbers, but the intensity. Understand your opponent and try to find a weakness in his deck and when he does make a mistake, go full on. The winning reward for this challenge is 3000 gold and 140 cards, containing atleast 1 epic and 14 rares. Not bad for a free entry, is it?

Clash on! I hope you found this article informative. Peace.