This is the third series of arena decks that lead up to the legendary arena.  This week we are going over the bone pit arena deck.  Some of you may know the bone pit arena to be arena two.  There are a few more cards available because bone pit unlocks important troops like the balloon, giant skeleton, the minions, the skeletons, the bomb tower, and the tombstone.  The balloon is the third areal unit you unlock besides the baby dragon and the minions.  The balloon is especially good for lower arenas because people do not know how to defend against the balloon and they pretty much can’t defend from it.  It is a troop that targets buildings so it can lock onto your enemy’s arena or crown tower and do massive damage.  It also has a high damage per shot.  The giant skeleton is considered a tank.  It does very little damage until it dies and has a high health point stat.  After it dies, it drops the bomb he carries which does around 700 damage.  This kills allow nearby air and ground troops spawned by your enemy after a three second countdown.  The minions are another areal unit theist you unlock and it is one of your only cards that you unlocked that can defend against the balloon.  I currently use the three elixir minions because they are very versatile and strong.  The bomb tower is a defensive tower that sits in one place.  If any troop gets within range of the bomb tower, the bomb tower will start throwing bombs at the enemy troop doing splash damage all around the targeted troop.  It is an ok defense but I do not use it any more.  It still may be good to use at lower arenas though.  At the next arena, when the cannon gets unlocked, it is very wise to switch from your bomb tower to your new cannon.  The tombstone works like the goblin hut in the sense that it is a spawner.  It spawns one skeleton every few seconds.  This can be great at countering the mini pekka, prince, and hog rider.  The tombstone also produces four more skeletons once the building is destroyed.  These are the basics to each card  but I will go into more detail when I talk about the featured deck.  This deck will feature some of the new cards because I believe that it is the best for the arena.  You may have to wait a little to get all the needed cards.  The only epic you are going to need in this deck is the newly unlocked balloon.  If you do not have the balloon though, this deck may not be for you since it is your main damage dealer in the deck.  This is a very hard deck to stop because the balloon has very few counters at the arena and level so it will help you a lot if you do have the balloon.  Even if you are not interested in using the balloon, i recommend at least trying it for a day and then make the call because this is a very powerful deck.  This deck uses the giant, the balloon, the minions, the spear goblins, the arrows, the goblins, the bomber, and the archers.


The average elixir cost for this deck is 3.3 elixir and contains the following cards:


balloonBalloon-  The balloon costs five elixir and is tied with the giant as being your most expensive troop.  Because of this, you have to play your balloon very strategically.  The balloon does a high amount of damage and also has a high amount of damage per shot which can be very deadly in certain situations.  You should support the balloon in some way.  If you do not support your balloon, the enemy can just place minions, spear goblins, and or archers and make the balloon give absolutely zero damage to the enemy tower.  The best way in my mind is to support the balloon with the giant in front of it.  The allows the giant to take all the tower damage from the enemy and it can also help distract anti air troops of your opponents like minions, archers, and spear goblins.  If the balloon is behind the giant, the balloon can easily get to the enemy’s arena or crown damage and start to go to work.  The balloon’s first shoot is deployed extremely quick.  Right when the balloon is over the enemy’s arena or crown tower, the bomb is immediately dropped and does around 400 to 1000 damage depending on the level.  Also, if the balloon is behind the giant and is at full health when it reaches your opponent’s arena or crown tower, that tower will fall to the ground within a few seconds.  In my opinion, if you get only one balloon bomb to your opponent’s tower, you are doing a great job.  This strategy becomes a lot more difficult when your enemy has a defensive tower of some sort.  Examples that are unlocked right now are the goblin hut and the tombstone.  Those defensive structures makes it a lot harder for the balloon strategy to work because the balloon and giant will get distracted, slowing their overall movement speed because they are redirected to a certain location, have to destroy that object, in this case the goblin hut or   the tombstone, and then redirect themselves back to your opponents tower.  On top of this, the enemy has either skeletons spawning to help kill your giants or they are spawning spear goblins which can help kill both your giant and balloon.  Another good strategy to do with your balloon is to support it with the minions.  If you have the balloon tank for the minions, the balloon should get to the tower just fine and be able to get one to two shots off on the tower.  Also, if the defender tries placing spear goblins, archers, minions, or even a musketeer, your minions can kill those defending troops with easy because of their high damage and their power in three.  The balloon has no defensive ability as it only targets buildings.  An addition to the balloon is t6hat when it dies, the balloon drops one last, low damage splash bomb.  This can kill any small troop, air or ground, that was trying to kill the balloon.

9k=Giant-  The giant is another high health and high costs troop in your deck.  The giant is great because it has a long suitability that most other troops do not have.  It also has the ability to only target defenses or other such buildings so the giant cannot be distracted by small troops like the prince can be.  The giant in this deck is also the main protector the balloon.    If you do not have your balloon ready, you could also start the push with the giant and support it with your smaller units.  For example, you can lead your push with the giant and then support the giant with a bomber and the minions.  This would be a pretty balanced attack because you get your health points from the giant, you get the splash damage to take care of any ground troops with your bomber, and you get your anti air troops with the help of your minions.  As a bonus the minions also attack ground troops to help out your bomber if he can’t do his whole job.  The giant at five elixir is great because it is very versatile for offense and can be suited for many different combinations.  The giant also cannot really be affected by any direct damage spells because its health is so high.

SpearGoblinSpear Goblins- The spear goblins are once again in a deck I am showing you.  Usually, in 90 percent of my decks I will have the regular goblins, the spear goblins, or both of the goblin cards.  I will rarely have neither.  This is because the goblin cards are so powerful for what they cost.  The spear goblins can do major damage because they look so weak but because they are in a group they can do a lot more damage than if they were three individual spear goblins.  The spear goblins can do 200 to 300 damage if they are left uncontested on an enemy arena or crown tower.  Also, because they are a ranged fighter, the spear goblins have a great potential for being an anti air troop.  They can take on the three elixir minions quite easily if your own arena or crown tower can also focus their damage on the minions.  Also, the spear goblins can do a lot of damage to a lone balloon.  Combined with the archers or minions, they will easily take the balloon out.  Yet another areal defense the spear goblins provide is against the baby dragon. If you let the baby dragon lock onto the tower and then spawn the spear goblins away from the tower, the spear goblins will attack the baby dragon without being killed.  The enemy will get some damage on your tower but not nearly as much as if the baby dragon was unguarded.  The spear goblins are also a great defense for single targeting troops like the pekka and prince because they are in swarms which make the prince and pekka take longer to kill them all.  With thee help of your towers, you can almost kill the pekka and you can get the offensive prince down to about 50 percent health.  Because the prince is still alive, you may have to spawn some goblins in to finish him off in defense.  The spear goblins can be killed by all splash damage troops very easily and are very vulnerable to the direct damage spells whether it is the lightning spell, the fire ball, or the arrows.

imgresGoblins- The goblins are another great card besides the spear goblins.  For being unlocked at such an early arena, it has quite a high use rate among legendary arena players.  The goblins is a very good card because they provide a grouping of low health units which helps defend against high hitters like the mini pekka and prince.  They also give a lot more damage out so they work even better than the spear goblins when defending the prince and mini pekka.  However, they are not good enough to do it by themselves and they need the support of spear goblins or minions to do the job efficiently.  If you would end up doing minions the mini pekka and prince will die without a hit on the tower and you can start a counter push of the minions and a balloon, with the balloon tanking and in front of the minions of course.  The goblins can also be used in the giant, the goblin, and the bomber push.  This is a pretty weak push if your opponent does have minions but at this level they probably will have the minions focus on the giant and not your supporting troops so this push should still work.  The goblins can be killed by all splash damage troops very easily and are very vulnerable to the direct damage spells whether it is the lightning spell, the fire ball, or the arrows.

BomberCardBomber-  The bomber appears yet again in a low arena deck of mine because I think it is the best splash damage in the game as of arena two or the bone pit.  It is the cheapest ground bound splash damage buy far trailing the witch at five elixir.  You do not need to use the baby dragon because air based splash damage is not really needed at this point and time.  The only splash damage for air would be the three elixir minions but that is a very little problem because you can defend them easily with the spear goblins.  The bomber is so frequent in my deck because at this stage many people use all the small hit point troops like the archer, spear goblins, and the regular shank goblins.  Having the bomber in your deck will make those three cards very useless to your opponent and make them very annoyed.  Additionally, the bomber is great at supporting pushes that involve the giant because the bomber’s range allows him to shoot bombs past the giant.  Also, if the bomber gets locked onto the tower will full health, he will do a lot of damage for the price of three elixir.  Be careful though, the bomber can be killed using direct damage spells like the lightning spell or the fire ball.  The bomber is extremely weak against point damage troops like the prince and the mini pekka and is also weak against air troops like the baby dragon and minions.

urlArchers- The archers, just like the spear goblins, are a cheap anti air type troop.  The archers pack a surprising punch because their health points are so high.  Their high health points allow them to get their damage onto the enemy balloon, minions, or even their crown or arena tower. These archers are not as good as the goblins or spear goblins when defending against the prince or mini pekka because there are only two of them.  This makes the prince and mini pekka have to stall less and in turn makes your towers do less damage to them.  The archers are good at countering the spear goblins and regular goblins though.  Because of there higher health when compared to the spear goblins and regular goblins, they can out last the damage brought by them and can use their mode rat damage to take the enemy troops out.  The archers are sometimes immune to arrows depending on the level difference.  However, other direct damage spells like the fire ball and the lightning spells will kill them both if contact is made.  Additionally, since the archers are considered a swarm troop, they can be easily destroyed by any splash damaging troop.  As of this arena, splash damage troops include the bomber, the valkyrie, the baby dragon, and the witch.

MinionsCardMinions-  Minions are also one of the cards that is unlocked in the bone pit, or arena two.  The minions are a great card to have because it is one of the fist unlock able air troops.  It can help you in so many ways when your opponent has a lot of ground troops.  If your opponent sends in a knight followed by goblins, you can send the minions down to defend and all the troops in your enemy’s push will be killed.  You will gain a massive two elixir advantage, gain free minions, and take almost no damage on you tower.  Also, since your minions are still have the max possible health points because they took no damage, you can start a heavy offensive counter push.  If you send a balloon in front of the minions so it absorbs all enemy damage and to tank for the minions, you should be able to get around 500 to 1500 damage on your enemy’s tower.  This is a great counter push because you are ahead of your opponent elixir wise and you have most of the points of a good push covered.  You also have momentum because your enemy can only place one troop at a time and your troops will get the first attack on the defending ones so you will keep killing the enemy’s defenses with ease.  Additionally, the enemy using up his or hers useless defense and digging an even bigger hole for themselves.  This will give you an even bigger elixir advantage and an even bigger push as you keep adding troops.  This could end up in three crowning your opponent but most of the time your opponent either loses a tower or takes serious damage o their own arena or crown tower.


There are no buildings in this deck which makes it a more offensive one.


Arrows-CardArrows- Arrows are a great, cheap direct damage spell.  It is especially great in lower arenas where the majority of the enemy’s troops can be killed or heavily injured via the arrow card.  The arrow card also has a big radius which makes it great for people learning timing and the overall mechanics of the game.  The big radius provides a big area coverage where you do not need precision aiming like you do with the zap spell or the fire ball.  The arrows are actually pretty cheap because they can kill a lot more than three elixir worth of troops.  Not only that, but the arrows can also stop the enemy’s momentum if they have an over whelming large number of low health troops.  If they have a balloon and minion charge, you can arrow the minions and the balloon while sending your own minions down after to clean up the balloon.  If timing is done correctly, you will not get a single health point subtracted from your own arena or crown tower.  You can also use the arrows to destroy your enemy’s crown or arena tower.  Be careful though, as your arrow stats for damage change when they hit a crown or arena tower.  The damage gets significantly reduced so only arrow their crown tower if your arrow’s damage can actually take the tower down.  Another reason you should arrow their tower is if you can get a combo in.  A good combo to get in on their tower is killing some of their troops like the spear goblins and the regular shank goblins combined with the tower.  This gives you a one elixir advantage plus additional bonus damage to the enemy’s arena or crown tower.  The arrows for three elixir is a great price and investment.  I would recommend arrows in all beginner deck where you do not face the barbarians.  Once you do start to face  barbarians, I recommend to switch to the fireball because the fireball becomes a lot more effective than the arrows for only one elixir more.  The fireball also does a lot more damage to troops and to enemy crown or arena towers.