Hello guys, today I’m gonna share some advice or tips ( whatever you wanna call them) on how to play better and win more matches in higher arenas. Now, i would like to tell you guys that i use all of these tips and I’ve found them very effective. I’m at 3400 trophies being a new level 9. The reason i decided to write this is because i have seen loads of guides for beginners, but i think some help to the higher arena players is also needed, as the game changes so drastically as you reach Arena 7 and Arena 8. All of the players there are unbelievably skilled. That’s where this article will come handy. Sometimes it is not only skill that wins matches, it’s your mentality, how you feel at that time, and how calm you are. So let’s begin.

“Patience is the key”

I cannot stress how important it is for a player to be patient while in a match. One should never rush things in a match. Go about it slowly , thinking about the possible moves that the enemy might play, and be ready with a counter for them. If your enemy rushes things, you can take advantage of that and push hard. Remember, it ain’t over till it’s over. Go about it slowly and when you see an opening into the enemy’s defense, go ahead and push hard, but only when you have the elixir advantage and know that the enemy won’t be able to counter-push.

Only play when you really want to

Another important thing is to play only when you really want to play, don’t play just because your chest slots are empty or because you need to unlock a crown chest. NO. If you play without a good mood , you will surely lose that edge in fight and that will affect the outcome of the match. If you play when you want to, you will make wise decisions and that will give you the edge in battle. Many of my clan-mates complain about losing when they really need to fill chest slots. That’s because they just rush about things.

Never Rage

In higher Arenas, the gameplay becomes so dynamic that people start using these cards like the royal giant that can really frustrate people a lot, and trust me, it happens to me as well. But you must never show your rage, as that will only weaken you, and not the enemy, who can and will take advantage of the fact that you have lost your mental balance. If you do get frustrated, take a short break from the game, relax, and come back stronger. Clash Royale is just 6 months old. I think it deserves another 6 months before we can truly judge the game as a whole.

Play Session wise

Create some sessions during the day when you play the best and can really grind some trophies. Creating sessions is important. For example, create a session when you get the crown chest and have to unlock it, or , say, a session to fill chest slots, or just like that ! Remember, playing time is important, as it will determine which opponents you face! Find out a time when you play best and grind at that time everyday.

Quit After 2 successive defeats 

This is something that i find very important. Sometimes, actually a lot of times, everyone gets these massive losing streaks, that drops them by about 300 trophies even, because of the fact that they just want to keep going. This is wrong. If you lose 2 successive matches, take a break,rest and then come  back. Sometimes you just keep on losing no matter how hard you try . It is very hard to explain why but i’m 100% sure it has happened with each and every one of you. It’s better to lose 50 trophies and come back stronger than to lose 200-300 trophies just for the sake of unlocking a crown chest.

“Nothing is Permanent”

This is something that i would like to elaborate a lot. I think this is THE most important advice that i can give you guys. Nothing is permanent, not your bad times, not your good times. You will have losing streaks, but don’t Worry, no matter how hard you fall ,you will always come back stronger. You just have to have faith and determination. Clash Royale as a game is so based around this concept. The game is such that you just cannot win all the time. You will lose, you will lose hard, but then you will win and you will win hard. That’s how the game is, you just cannot help that. If you play wisely who knows you might never fall down really badly.

Never Quit

The title says it all, never quit. A match consists of 3 minutes with a possibility of sudden death. Out of that 3 minutes , even 10 seconds are enough for you to bounce back into the game. All you need is the enemy to make a mistake, which a lot of them do, when they have the lead. No matter how behind you are, remember that it will take only 1 second for the enemy to lose connection, or a phone call on his phone to come. You always need to be optimistic in life. Anticipate all possible scenarios and be ready to push . Never give up. Comebacks happen and they happen very often. Just be focused and ready to take advantage .

It’s just a game 

The last but a very important thing to remember. Clash Royale is just a game at the end of the day. No matter whatever happens in that game, never let it affect your life. No matter how hard you lose, you should always keep this in mind that it’s just a game that you are playing to have fun. If you don’t, let it be, come  back stronger, but never let it affect your surroundings, be it your family or friends. Just keep calm and clash on 🙂

That’s it for this short but hopefully useful article that all of you use in your game-play. I hope you liked i and feel free to post your thoughts down below. I’ll see you all soon. Cheers.