Background Information-  The mini pekka can be used in many ways.  The mini pekka can be an excellent troop to defend against higher health troops but it can also be used as an offensive unit.  The mini pekka is a glass cannon in that it can dish out huge amounts of damage on offense.  If it gets to your enemy tower, That mini pekka you just sent ewas well worth the cost of four elixir.  In my opinion, the mini pekka is a better defensive card than it is an offensive one.  I think this because on offense your opponent can easily distract your mini pekka with spear goblins.  However, on defense, you chose which troops your mini pekka attacks so her damage is a lot more controllable and useful.

imgresMini Pekka Description“The arena is a certified butterfly-free zone. No distractions for PEKKA, only destruction.”

Mini Pekka Arena Unlock-  The mini pekka is unlocked at the tutorial arena.  Some of you guys may also know it as the training camp arena.  Along with unlocking the mini pekka there, you unlock the arrows, the fire ball, the bomber, the knight, the archers, the musketeer, the prince, the baby dragon, the witch, the skeleton army, and the  giant.  Of course, like any other card in the game, the mini pekka can be unlocked in any arena that the arena it was unlocked at.  In this case, the mini pekka can be earned in any arena since it is unlocked automatically during the tutorial and is unlocked at the every first arena you enter.

imagesMini Pekka Stats-   The mini pekka is a rare card so it is a little bit harder to collect and upgrade them than the common cards.  I recommend free to play players to try upgrading this card along with other rares and commons to keep a good level count.  For example, you should always keep your levels of your rare cards within two levels of your common card levels.  The cost of the mini pekka is four elixir so compared to other cards, it falls into the low to mid cost range.  The mini pekka is a glass cannon because it can deal massive amount of damage but in exchange has a very low hit point stat.  A level one mini pekka will do 325 damage per swing and has a total of 600 health.  A max level mini pekka will do 832 damage per swing and has a total hit point stat of 1536.

Mini Pekka Offensive Tactics- The mini pekka can be treated like any other  high damage card.  Because eof its relatively low amount of healy, you usually want to protect her with some sort of tank.  Common tanks to protect the mini pekka is with the barbarians or the giant.  The barbarians is a good choice because they can help kill and small swarm troops that the mini pekka may have trouble with.  This push is failry strong against ground troops but is pretty weak against the fire ball and the minion horde.  You can counter the minion horde by also adding the fire spirits in to your push.  This however does not stop your opponent from using the fire ball.  Another good offensive tank for your mini pekka is the giant.  The giant has a ton of health which can help the mini pekka easily make it to the enemy arena or crown tower.  However, the giant does not attack enemy troops so you will have to support your mini pekka with something else, maybe a bomber, so it does not get distracted by low cost, swarm troops.  Having only the barbarian and mini pekka combo or the giant and mini pekka combo is not strong but adding a second support troop will make it a lot more deadly when your opponent has to defend.

Mini Pekka Defensive Tactics- Mini Pekka- The mini pekka is very versatile on defense and can be a treat if put on offense.  The mini pekka is considered a glass cannon.  the mini pekka is considered a glass cannon because it can deal a lot of damage but it also has very little health in comparison.   The mini pekka is great at countering high health tanks.  The mini pekka can kill an enemy hog rider in two hits and only lets the hog rider get off one shot on your tower.  Of course the mini pekka may only need one shot if you have some supporting troops defending with the mini pekka.  This will also make the enemy hog rider not even get one shot off on to your tower.  The mini pekka also kills the royal giant very efficiently.  The mini pekka, since it does so much damage, will kill the enemy royal giant in just a few hits.  This makes it hard for the royal giant to get much damage off on to your tower.  With only the mini pekka defending your tower, the royal giant may get around 500 damage off of your tower.  However, you most likely will have other troops, most likely the musketeer or the spear goblins, supporting your mini pekka which will make the enemy royal giant drop even faster.  The mini pekka also kills the regular giant very easily and it can solo defend good enough.  You do not need to worry about supporting your mini pekka with anything else.   The mini pekka works great against single targeting troops like the musketeer, the wizard, the Valkyrie, the prince, and the troops previously mentioned above.  What makes the mini pekka strong against the prince is that your mini pekka can easily survive the charge from the enemy prince, letting your mini pekka take in lots of damage while also dishing it out.

Random But Very Interesting Facts and Trivia- On February Nineth, the Chest Rewards & Card Balance Update increased the Mini P.E.K.K.A.’s hitpoints by three percent.  On May Third, the May Update allowed it to be affected by pushback.  The Mini P.E.K.K.A.’s sound effect when deployed was also changed.  Its description is a reference to the Clash of Clans P.E.K.K.A. commercial.  Even though it states that the arena is a butterfly-free zone, a butterfly can be seen flying in the Training Camp (Tutorial) picture.  It is the one of the two troops that are “miniature” versions of another troop in Clash of Clans (Mini P.E.K.K.A. – P.E.K.K.A. and Baby Dragon – Dragon).  When compared to the regular P.E.K.K.A., the Mini P.E.K.K.A. has less health, a faster deploy time, moves faster and is significantly cheaper, but its Damage per Hit and Damage per Second are similar.  On looks alone, it has a different color scheme in its picture, and also only has one eye.  On the App Store photo preview, the Mini P.E.K.K.A is portrayed as an Epic card instead of a Rare card.  One Mini P.E.K.K.A. strike does damage equivalent to an equal level Fireball. Because of this, a Mini P.E.K.K.A. one level higher than a Musketeer or a Wizard will one shot it.