Inferno Tower Clash Royale WikiBackground Information-  The Inferno Tower is a defensive tower in Clash Royale.  Like many other cards in this game, it originated in Clash Of Clans.  Since this is a building, it can attack more types of troops than regular troop cards like hogs, giants, golems, balloons, and lava hounds.  It has a unique setting for its damage where it does not have a set amount of damage per shot.  It instead has a scaling damage where every few seconds the damage increases by a lot up until its max amount of damage.  This makes the inferno tower strong against high health troops and weak against lower health troops.

Description- When looking at the Inferno Tower card, the description reads”Defensive building, roasts targets for damage that increases over time. Burns through even the biggest and toughest enemies!”  The description has not been changed since the release of the inferno tower.

Inferno Tower Stats–  The inferno tower is unlocked in the pekkas playhouse arena.  Some of you may know this arena as arena five.  To get into pekka’s playhouse, you need 1100 trophies but you can gain the inferno tower at the arena below by beating someone in arena five.  Along with the inferno tower, the cards that are unlocked are the tesla, the minion horde, the hog rider, the freeze spell, the pekka, and the legendary lava hound.The inferno tower is a mid range, defensive building that has a range of six, just like most of the other buildings.  The inferno tower’s deploy time is one second making it a fairly fast and reactive defensive card.  The inferno tower’s hit speed is 0.4 seconds and it has a lifetime of 40 seconds.  The inferno tower targets both air troops and ground troops, making it the only other tower to have that ability besides the tesla.  The inferno tower’s rarity is classified as rare so it is fairly easy to upgrade.  It is harder to upgrade compared to commons, easier to upgrade than epics, and a lot easier to upgrade compared to legendaries.  The inferno tower’s elixir cost is five so it is a medium cost card when compared to other prices.  At level one, the inferno tower has 800 health points, does 50 damage per second at stage one, and does 1000 damage per second when the last power stage is hit.  At max level, the inferno tower has 2048 health points, does 127 damage per second at its first stage, and does  2560 damage per second at its final power stage.

Offensive Capabilities– Before a patch, believe it or not, the inferno tower could actually get some crowns for you by destroying the other persons crown tower.  This was usually only possible in friendly matches as it takes a lot of time to prepare.  Any smart opponent wouldn’t let you prepare that much so it was often just used to mess around.  The trick was to have a deck full of mirrors, cheap buildings, an inferno tower, and cheap cycle troops.  Your enemy has to do nothing while you start to place elixir collectors while mirroring them.  Once you mirror them, you just keep cycling through the elixir collector and mirrors.  Once you get about ten or so elixir collector down on your side of the map, you tart spawning your cheap defensive towers like the skeleton spawning tombstone and the cheap three elixir cannon.  Once your side of the board is completely filled, you will not be able to place any more towers.  AT that point you quickly place down your inferno tower and to your surprise, it will be placed down even with no more room left.  What is even more shocking is where it gets put into the game.  Instead of the inferno tower being on your side,  it spawns to the top right corner of your battle field.  This allows the inferno tower to lock on your opponents crown or arena tower and lets it build up its power.  In a few seconds, that crown tower is history and you have just used an inferno tower to win the game.  This may be boring for the opponent or your friend helping you because they have to sit around doing nothing for three to five minutes.  Note, this does not work anymore so please do not try this in your clan.  It will not only waste your own time, but also your friend’s time as well.  Trust me, I have seen people try and do this glitch.

Defensive capabilities-  Now, since the inferno is a defensive tower, it should shine on defense, right?  Now the inferno tower can be tricky for sum people since it doesn’t take care of small troops well.  This is because it does stage damage.  Stage damage means that the inferno tower’s damage comes from stages.  These stages gets more powerful the longer it focuses on a target.  Because of this, it does extremely well against high health troops like the golem, multiple princes, a pekka, or a hog.  It does very bad when it is against spear goblins, skeletons, regular goblins, or any other small swarm troops like that.  I think the inferno tower is good for the right type of troops though.  You most likely will not need help defending smaller units with your small units because you have your arena or crown tower helping defend your base.  You should not need an extra building to counter their small units.  You may however, need help from defending against high health point troops because they are stronger and do a lot more damage.  The inferno would be your best card at aiding you.  Also, now with the giant buff the Royal Giant recently received of the plus one to its tile range, the inferno tower is better than ever.  See what I did there?  Giant buff…cause he is a giant.  Not funny? Ok.  Moving on.  The inferno tower is the best counter to the royal giant because it can take him one on one and still survive.  Additionally, when it is one on one, you get an elixir advantage.  This is one of the only cards, if not the only card, that nets you an elixir advantage while keeping your own arena or crown tower untouched or undamaged.  Also, besides the tesla, the inferno tower is the only other defense that targets both air troops and ground bound ones.  This makes it very versatile because an enemy wont be able to send a certain troop over to that tower and destroy it for free.  An example of a tower you can destroy for free is the bomb tower.  You can destroy the bomb tower for free by sending a baby dragon.  However, If you send a baby dragon to an inferno tower, it will get melted.  A good strategy to pair up the inferno tower is to always have some sort of spell ready, whether it is the arrows, fire ball, or the zap.  My preference in order would be fire ball, arrows, and then the zap because the fire ball is the only one that can handle barbarians and the minion horde.  My next choice is arrows because it can handle the minion horde and regular minions.  My last choice is zap because it can only handle very small troops like skeletons and spear goblins.  I always have my inferno and a spell ready because once they see an inferno being placed down, more often than not they will drop a minion horde or barbarians in front of their tank.  This will make the inferno tower have a hard time targeting the tank because all the small troops will be in the inferno towers war.  Having arrows or a fire ball will help you counter those small troops.  This spell will completely destroy their push and leave their tank by him or herself.  This allows your inferno tower to easily beat that tank or high health point troop to the ground.

Trivia-  These facts listed below do not impact your strategy at all.  It is just a little fun section I do for under rated cards.  In this section you will find facts about past or previous nerfs and bufs.  You will also learn about any graphic or description changes.  This is a purely fun fact area with no important game play knowledge that can impact your ability to use the card wisely.

On February 22 2016, the February Update decreased the Inferno Tower’s lifetime to 45 sec (from 60 sec) and made it slower to re-target enemies by 50%.  On February 19 2016, the Balance Update decreased the Inferno Tower’s hit points by 6% and lifetime to 40 sec (from 45 sec).  On May Fifth 2016, the May Update fixed the “range bug” and decreased Inferno Tower’s range to 6 (from 6.5) but its effective range is unchanged.  This means that the stats on its information page said 6.5 tiles was its range but when played, it still would only activate when a troop was withing 6 tiles of the inferno tower.  It resembles the level one Inferno Tower from Clash of Clans.  In Clash Royale, Inferno Tower cannot be toggled to alternate modes of fire and only targets 1 enemy at a time, while in Clash of Clans it can be toggled to single target or multi-target mode.  Its damage ranges from the lowest to the highest.  The inferno tower once was bale to reach the opponents crown tower by creating a building glitch.  That glitch has now been patched.