Hey guys, as you all know that Clash Royale is a real time player vs player game. That is what makes it so strategic and fun to play, because you know that you are playing against real humans like you and not with computerized AI. That is what makes it so competitive. With such a high level of competitiveness comes another question- How do we enjoy a game like this to the fullest? A game which is basically all about online PVP.

This calls for tournaments, which are perfect for this game, because the whole game is about battling gamers like yourself from all around the world. That is what makes this an extremely apt game for e-sports. By organizing tournaments we can know the potential of each and every player, and even have fun with our friends. Basically, organizing tournaments adds the much needed spice in this game, something that is in shortage once you know you can’t push any further.So , now we know why Tournaments are beneficial, the next question kicks in. How do we EFFECTIVELY Organize Tournaments? So that we have fun and competition at the same time? This is what I’m gonna be covering in this article

So firstly, There are 2 situations related to tournaments.

1st-When you will be organizing a tournament in a particular place , such that people will be present there when the tournament goes on.

2nd-When you organize a tournament in-game,such that there is no physical communication between the organizer and participants.

Let’s discuss both of them in detail:




In this case, to be honest, you won’t have much problems with managing the tournament. However, since you want the tournament to be done at a particular place, the cost of organizing it might be a little pricey. Thus, this is recommended for those who can manage to pool in some money from their friends or raise funds from the general public. Nevertheless, once you have managed to finish the hectic task of organizing, it will be very easy to manage the progressing of the tournament on the date as all players will be present live. Everyone will have to cooperate! Here are all steps involved on how you want to go about it.



The first step of organizing any tournament is planning it out, that is, the number of players to be allowed to participate, the prize pool, the entry fee,location, staff, date,and many more. This is a very crucial step as many factors contribute significantly to the success of the tournament. For Example, location plays a big role in the number of people participating.

Let’s discuss the IDEAL choice that you would want to make regarding the above factors:

No. of Participants: As an organizer, you don’t want the number of participants to be too less( would result in a dull tournament with less profits) or too much( More players= tougher to handle and manage them). You will also want to decide the number of participants depending upon your funds collected , the staff, and the location the tournament is gonna be organized in. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: It is better to have participants in the form of 8,16,32,64. This will help you make the tournament a knock-out basis one, so that there can be quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the Final.

Entry Fee & Prize Pool: The reason I’ve clubbed these 2 side-heads together is because entry fee and prize pool are related to each other. More the Entry fee, more must be the prize pool.You should aim for about 5% profit for yourself ,after investing your money into the tournament. If you’re a teenager who wants to simply organize the tournament in your locality, an entry fee of $5 would be ideal with about 16-32 participants. If you’re an adult, it all depends upon your reach.

Staff: Of course you can’t organize a tournament all by yourself. You need some people to help you manage when the tournament is going on.The number of staff depends upon the size of your tournament. You would want to have at least one staff member present at every few meters , to help assist and guide the participants.

Location:  This is by far one of the most important factors in determining the success of your tournament. Your location determines how many people will want to take part in your tournament and will be able to. You will want to choose a place which is famous and attractive, and at the same time it is at a location that is easily accessible by everyone. Moreover, it should suit your demands of the ideal place to organize a tournament. A gaming cafe, for example, may be a good spot to organize one.

Date:a public holiday date will be good as more players will be able to come to the venue and participate.

Player Level: Ideally, you would want the players participating to be well above the tournament standards, which are:


This will encourage a fair chance for everybody to win the tournament if he/she has got the skills.

STEP 2-Advertise:


How will people nearby you know you are organizing a tournament? This can be done by advertising about your tournament on online sites, such as Facebook ,Twitter,etc. You can also advertise by giving out pamphlets and posters giving all the necessary details regarding the tournament.Without advertising you might be stuck alone at the venue with our staff, so act safely!



Assuming that you as an organizer got an enthusiastic response from the public and that you have enough participants, you must now communicate and contact the participants regularly to keep them updated with the latest information related to the tournament. An effective way of doing this is using apps like Whatsapp or Line . make a group there and add all the participants.This will help you communicate with them effectively.


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On the day of the event, you must go to the venue very early and check if all systems are running perfectly. You obviously wouldn’t want something to go wrong during the tournament. Checking beforehand is the best way to do so.

If you have completed all the above steps then you have successfully organized your own Clash Royale tournament. All that is left for you is to have a blast and enjoy it! May the best player win!

That concludes case 1 where you will be organizing the tournament live at a physical place.

Now let’s discuss about Case 2:




This is by far the most difficult way of organizing tournaments in the game as far as my experience goes simply because you don’t communicate with the participants face-to-face which results in communication difficulties.Moreover, it is very difficult to get people to be online at the same time as their opponent so that the battle can take place in the  clan.These things make it a very difficult task to organize tournaments in the clan itself.However, it has some benefits as well. The major one is that you don’t need to spend an awful lot of money, you can even organize these tournaments for absolutely free!


In these free-to-play tournaments, planning isn’t a major concern, since there isn’t any physical deal that you need to sign with various people and neither do you need to spend money to make the participants comfortable.If you want, you can make it a prized tournament or free as per your wish.

 It is better to have participants in the form of 8,16,32,64. This will help you make the tournament a knock-out basis one, so that there can be quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the Final.

You can also make the tournament a first-come first-serve basis one, where the people to request to enter first will be given preference than those who request to enter later.


Even though the tournament will take place in a clan,i.e., no physical place involved, you will need to advertise about the tournament through your clan’s description for other clans to read and even for your own clan players to read.This is a crucial step as without advertising you might not get sufficient players to draft a tournament.


Now you may realize that most of the steps to organize a tournament in a physical place and in a clan are the  same. that’s true , but there are small differences as to how much you need to focus on what. Communication here is THE most important step that needs to be followed in virtual tournaments.Without communicating with the participants, there can be no tournament possible, there will be only total chaos

Here are some ways to communicate effectively

:you must now communicate and contact the participants regularly to keep them updated with the latest information related to the tournament. An effective way of doing this is using apps like Whatsapp or Line . make a group there and add all the participants.

MOREOVER: you will have to download apps such a tournament manager where you can create the brackets and then give each and every participant the name of their opponent. They will have to talk  with each other( the ones who are playing each other) and fix a time when both of them will be able  to be online and battle each other.


Additionally, you can give the participants DEADLINES so as to when a particular round must be completed,etc.

If you have  completed the above steps then congratulations! You have successfully organized your own virtual tournament. I hope you all have a blast and enjoy!

Conclusion :

As you all must have figured, organizing a tournament in the game is no easy task. But if you have the will and determination, nobody can stop you from organizing a spectacular tournament, whether virtual or real. I personally prefer the  real one because of the fact that it gives you the feel when playing. You can truly experience the feeling of participating in a tournament.One such tournament was the Official tournament in Finland. Anyway, i hope you all liked the article and if you did, stay tuned for many more to come. cheers.