So It’s been about 4 months since Clash Royale came out , and by the looks of it, you should be playing it for your enjoyment.  It’s a guarantee that you’ll like it because it gets strategic, since there is a lot of brains involved, intense, because of features such as overtime and double elixir time,and tense as you climb up the ranks.. Couple this with all the micro transactions that take place there and you have game that you will like and most probably carry on with.

However, like any other mobile game out there, upgrades will be essential, as you just wont be able to push higher after a certain limit until you upgrade your troops.This is an RTS too (Real-Time Strategy), meaning you need some wit to confidently knock down dozens of your opponents at one go.

So, if you’re looking hard for Clash Royale tips for beginners, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you tips that have been tries and tested to work.


1.Patience is the way to success

When playing Clash Royale, it can be very intimidating to watch your enemy as he prepares to launch an assault on you. But it gets even tenser when they have other units smashing your towers along the way.You see guys, the temptation to engage your troops to fill the void and resist attacks is always there. That’s how the game is and you just can’t change it. But that’s not how experienced players do it. They play with patience.  You cannot afford to play Clash Royale guided by emotions, as that will only end in defeat when in a higher arena.

So the best thing to do is organize a fully-consorted attack with a host of complimentary units to smash down the offending opponent. But in the middle of all that if you find yourself in the middle of a battle that you are winning already, just carry on with the backup that you already have


2. Never be Afraid to Take Damage

There is one very important thing to note down in Clash Royale. if your fighting skills are upbeat and you end up taking down the enemy’s King Tower, you will win automatically,  having secured 3 crowns. Remember that.

If you happen to bring down a tower and your troops begin advancing towards your opponent’s King Tower,hold your peace. Meanwhile, the enemy will be working on one of your outer towers to cause destruction. If they do this, you must let them.  What this means is that their troops will be very far away from their king tower, and by the time they think of defending it, you will have seized it, giving you three more crowns to help unlock your crown chest,  which can get frustrating sometimes.

Therefore, the only Advice you should take here is that smart players take the loss provided their eyes are set on the main prize. If you’re not confident, don’t take the risk. Play safe and defend well.

3.Save your Precious Gold

So in Clash Royale, you can upgrade and buy troops (from the shop) using an in-game currency called ‘Gold’. When you start playing Clash Royale, there will be a greedy feeling. You will be tempted to use every piece of gold you have on upgrades. But you must resist the urge and only upgrade when you have to. Try some decks and after you have a main deck, upgrade only those cards which are part of your main deck. In my opinion upgrading commons before rares is more beneficial.

Each day a new Epic card will go on sale for 2,000 gold pieces, And if you’re in the legendary arena, you might even a legendary in the shop, costing 40,000. A common card will cost you 2 gold pieces,then increase card after card that you buy, and rares cost 40 gold and they too increase in cost.

Even though it’s possible to acquire gold from random chests and some battles, it’s always a better to have 2000 gold in your reserves, just in case you need to acquire that epic card you’ve been waiting for.

4. All Battles are Centered on Elixir

As most of the players have already seen, RTS games are mainly resource based. The more you manage your resources well, the more you’ll increase your chances of winning. Clash Royale is not an exception. Every action that a person does is centered on elixir. Therefore, every decision you make must be based of this concept.

If, for instance, you are able to use a 4 elixir fireball spell to inflict damage worth 7 elixir on your opponent’s troops, you will have earned what is called an “even elixir trade” where you profited from your elixir usage more over the enemy.

On the other hand, if your 4 elixir musketeer runs the risk of getting trounced by archers, you better think about it twice because the damage will have a long term effect. Also, if your 6 elixir goblin hut is able to produce 5 elixir worth of goblins, just put it down. You want to deny the opponent the chance of having an equal amount of elixir as you.

Therefore, your only challenge should be on how to use that amount o[f Elixir more effectively and to the disadvantage of your opponent.

5. Understand your cards

This step is by far the most important of all. This strategy sounds pretty obvious although it’s something you will have to remember throughout the game. You should first learn your cards, and then set up your deck to acquire plenty of complimentary cards.

What we are saying here is that you must know all the individual roles that some units are good at and their counters and benefits.Some units will be good at destroying towers while other units will be poor at doing so.But this is not to say that those units are any weaker. It’s only that each unit is suitable for a particular purpose.

Therefore, study each unit carefully and know which ones quickly get eliminated if they happen to fall in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Studying each unit takes time, although you can experiment and get to learn each one of them. Once you have a better feel of their individual strengths and weaknesses, build your deck and back it up with lots of complementary pieces.


6.Always have eyes on the clock

As the clock hits the 60th second , Elixir will start to fill twice as fast, and this is where things get chaotic. Ultimately when 3 minutes are complete, the person with more crowns wins.In case the 2 players are tied, the next crown shall win.

Let’s say the two of us were working on a King tower and you noticed that time was running out.  Perhaps you could sneak out quickly to attack one of the crown towers.. This way, you could garner more points assuming you tied everything else.

7.Only Purchase Gold with Gems

You should practice patience with your chest timers until they are ripe. Do not unlock them with gems. Unless you want to spend money on every single upgrade, you should just play it cool most of the time.

The only way you should spend gems is on gold. If you have 60 gems you will get 1000 gold, which is half the 2000 mark to an epic. if u wanna buy a legendary worth 40,000, you will have to spend at least 4000 gems.

Bonus Tip:

Make sure you join a clan once you reach level 3. This will also reward you with more gems. Also,since you’re in a clan, the freedom to receive donations or ask for cards from your clan mates is in your hands. Finally, you could even donate cards to get even more gold.

Just remember that belonging to a clan makes the entire experience of playing this game much more fun because you’re involving friends and clan mates as well.

Now go out there and show off your newly learned skills!