How does donating work? What are the benefits? Why should I give my cards away? How often should I donate? These and others might be some of the questions you’ve been asking ever since you hit XP Level 3 and joined a clan. And after the May 2016 update, which edited the donating system, things have gotten even more confusing. In this post, I will throughly explain the process of donating.

How to Donate and Request Cards

In order to donate and request cards, you will need to join a clan. You can find clans through the Clans tab, Search, or on the forums. If you would rather do it yourself, create your own clan. You can learn more about clans here-

How To Grow Your Clan

After joining a clan, you will find a “Request Cards” button opposite the message button-


If you tap the button, a tab will appear showing all of your current Common and Rare cards-


Tap the card you would like to request. You’re request will appear in clan chat-


Depanding on you arena level, you will only be able to request 10-40 Common cards or 1-4 Rare cards. You can find out the exact amount by tapping you current arena and then tapping the Chest & Donation info below it-

After you make your request, an 8 hour cool down will ensue before you can request again. During this time, the Request button will turn gray-


Once you request, your clan mates can give you cards. Whenever they do, you will recieve an in-game notification. If your clan mates give you cards while you’re away, a tab will pop up once you log back on, telling you how many cards you received and who gave them to you-


Of course, your clan mates will most likely kick you from the clan if you don’t donate back. Donation request should appear constantly in the clan chat.


Tap the donate button on the side of the request to donate cards. Once again, there are limitations depending on your Arena. If you are in Goblin Arena, you will only be able to donate 1 Common, but if you are in Legendary Arena you can donate up to 8 Commons. However, you can only donate 1 Rare card per request no matter what Arena you are currently in. Once again, you can find the information for your Arena in the Chest & Donation info tab.


Your probably wondering, “Why would I want to donate all my cards to my clan mates? After all, if I give all my cards away, how will I be able to upgrade them?” Here’s why. For every Common card you donate, you will receive 5 gold and 1 XP, and for every Rare you will receive 50 gold and 10 XP. This gold is crucial for upgrading cards and buying cards from the shop, and the XP helps you upgrade your King Tower much faster. You can only donate a certain amount of cards per day, so try to reach that max as much as possible for extra Gold and XP.


Obviously, every time you donate, you are giving away your cards. You need these to upgrade your cards to higher levels so you can get to higher Arenas. Sometimes it’s best not to donate if you really need those cards for an upgrade. For example, I focus my requests on the cards in my deck, like the Hog Rider, so I can upgrade them faster. If I nearly have enough cards to upgrade the Hog Rider, I probably won’t donate any Hog Rider cards.


Now that you know the ins and outs of donating, it’s up to you as a player and clan mate to decide if you should donate, what cards you should donate, and how many cards to donate.

Thanks for reading!

Darth Martin.