Hey everybody. Today I’m gonna be discussing about a deck that I’ve been using ever since the royal giant became a huge hit, rather over-powered. Firstly I’d like to discuss a little about the Royal Giant. The reason why i believe ( and many of you will) it’s over-powered is because firstly, it can out range ALL major defenses like the inferno, cannon, bomb tower etc when they are already placed on the arena, making him the best counter to them. Secondly, He has got this insane damage , about 190 at lv8, which makes it almost impossible to kill him before he shaves off about a quarter of the tower thanks to Third, The health that he has got. Supercell really made him over-powered.To beat the royal giant you need to be at your best at all  times.

After getting destroyed by the royal giant for the first few days i decided to create a deck that could not only counter the royal giant but even punish the users by defeating them. So here’s my deck:


Inferno Tower

The first card that my deck includes is the inferno tower. The reason it is in my deck is because it is THE most effective counter for the royal giant. Along with the royal giant, it can also take care of other major troops like the hog rider, pekka, prince, and even the giant if used correctly. This makes it the best defensive tower in the game in my opinion. However, you need to be careful while placing it.  NEVER drop it unless the enemy has placed a troop like the giant or pekka, and NEVER drop it just like that when a royal giant i placed. Only drop it once the royal giant is in range of the inferno tower, because only then will the inferno be able to roast the royal giant. If you follow the above steps correctly, you will definitely be able to understand why the inferno tower is so good.



The second card that is part of my deck is goblins. In my opinion goblins are one of the best cards in the entire game. They are cheap, strong, fast and can be used with other troops like the hog rider to create deadly combos. I normally use goblins to counter all kinds of troops by combining them with the inferno tower. Goblins can take down a hog in 3 hits. Isn’t that wonderful. I also use them to help the inferno tower in taking down troops like the royal giant, pekka, prince, mini-pekka,etc. The list just goes on and on. Offensively, they are a great card as well. I combine them with the hog rider such that the tower focuses on the hog while the goblins completely destroy.This costs just 6 elixir but is stronger than over 10 elixir combos. Goblins are also very effective in pulling troops so that they can be targeted by both towers.This makes the goblins a force to be reckoned with.



The third card that is part of my deck is the freeze. Freeze is an extremely versatile card even though it has no use on its own, but it can make a huge difference in the game. It can be used in combination with the hog-goblin push (explained above) costing only 10 elixir yet it will almost certainly result in the tower getting destroyed with a stoke of luck and skill. It can also be combined with the minion horde on offense dealing immense damage. It can also be used to win last second battles by just freezing the troops coming at your tower. On defense , I sometimes use it with combination of goblins and inferno tower to stop heavy pushes like the pekka double-prince and even the sparky-giant push.Even though the duration of freeze was reduced by 1 second at all levels recently, it can still be a game changer if used correctly.



The fourth card in my deck is the hog rider. He is the main attacking force in my deck and is really strong with combos such as the Hog-goblin-freeze combo (costing 10 elixir) and hog-minion horde-freeze combo (costing 13 elixir). These combos if used correctly can be devastating. In many cases , the enemy has defensive buildings like the cannon, inferno tower,etc. You need to make sure that you force the enemy to drop them down before your hog so that till the time you prepare for your push the cannon is out of the enemy’s circulation and not in his hand. This is very important to keep in mind while using the hog rider.  make the hog rider so unexpected that either the enemy does not have enough elixir to defend it or if he has you freeze them just at the right time. I normally use the princess to snipe the defenses and then the hog rider goblin push with freeze seals it for me.



The fifth card in my deck is the princes.. Now i know a lot of you don’t have the princess. For those of you who have, you are very lucky, since she is one of THE best legendaries in the game. If you don’t have her, you can put the archers or baby dragon in her place.  The princess can hit troops and towers from out of range. She has a very good area damage, which makes her a very good counter to the minion horde , basically swarms of troops. She can also be used to shave off some damage off the arena towers.Her ability to attack  ground as well as air troops makes her a very good defensive as well as offensive card. I use her to counter barbarians, goblins, spear goblins, minions,etc. I also use her to draw out the enemy’s arrows and then punish them with the hog minion horde push, something that has won me a lot of battles. To me, she is the heart and soul of the deck. If you have the ice wizard, replace him in place of the princess as even he is a very good card.

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The bomber is the sixth card in my deck. He is a very under-rated card in my opinion.  He is very strong against barbarians , goblins, spear goblins, as he has very high area damage, near 200 . He can finish off barbarians in 3 shots, giving you an even elixir trade. I sometimes send him behind the hog to clear out low elixir troops that the enemy might drop to kill my hog. In some cases, i drop him along with the princess to kill any low elixir troops that the enemy might send to kill my princess. He is also a very versatile card and thanks to the buff that he got recently, he has become an even stronger force.



The seventh card in my deck is the minion horde. In my opinion it is another VERY versatile card. It is a little expensive but if used properly it can be used to counter literally EVERY troop. Offensively, it has a great place in combinations with the hog rider and it can be deadly if left alone for the tower to deal with.  Defensively, it can be used to counter royal giant or hog rider and even dark prince, if your inferno tower is not in your hand. It can also be used to destroy enemy buildings , all yielding you a positive elixir trade. What i do is that i bait out the arrows by dropping my princess and then wait for my elixir bar to fill. As soon as it has, i quick-drop my hog followed by my minion horde, and unless the enemy has a fireball it results in the tower going down majority of the time. I also use to to counter barbarians of bomber and even sparky, since none of them can target air troops. All you need to be careful about when using the minion horde is be very careful about your elixir.



The eighth and the final card that is part of this anti-royal giant deck is the arrows. This card in my opinion must be in every deck, due to it’s effectiveness against troops such as the princess , minion horde and even  goblins in tough situation. This card can really make a huge difference in the game and the results. Sometimes the enemy just places buildings around his tower to prevent you from finishing it off, and in those situations arrows come in very handy.


Guys, the most important tip that anyone can give you is to be patient and never panic. Play your game and if you commit a mistake don’t give up but learn from it and come back stronger. At the end of the day It’s just a game and another thing that i believe in is that nothing is permanent, not your wins and not your losses. You can only hope to do your best and try not to become overconfident. The game is such that you need to be at your top at all times unless you will be left behind. Just keep clam and have fun. As to why my deck is an anti-royal giant deck, the reason is because it has troops to counter every combo possible with the royal giant. If the enemy drops barbarians, i have bomber to counter it, with the inferno tower focusing o the giant. I have arrows to counter minions, goblins to counter ice wizard, and when the push is very heavy, i have freeze to give me and my inferno more time to destroy the enemy troops approaching.

I sincerely hope that you all liked this deck and would punish the royal giant users . I hope this article helped you all a lot. Cheers.