Background Information

imgresToday I step away from the deck guides and take a more serious note.  Today we talk about the controversial topic of bm ing, or bad manners.  Now the name is already biased to the side of immoral banter and grinds the gears of useful tactics.  In clash royale, bad mannering can happen when you or your opponent spam presses the emojis extremely fast when a few events happen.  this article will cover both sides with pros and cons for each.

When Emoji Spamming Occurs

4p2q1fUEmoji spamming usually occurs in a few given situations.  From here on out, we will use your opponent as the one bm ing and you as the one on the receiving end.  The first situation when bm ing usually occurs is when your opponent takes down one of your towers.  In result, they spam the emoji or taunt button to either make you angry or just to make them feel better about themselves.  Another time when they emoji spam is when they countered your elixir heavy push with a very little elixir cost to them.  For example, if a bad manner player defends your minion horde, barbarian, and musketeer push with one fire ball, they would spam an emoji over and over just to try getting under your skin.  The final most common time they will emoji spam you is right after they win the match.  They usually spam emojis in that screen when it turns blue and the game starts displaying if you won or lost, how many crowns each of you got, and your prize if you got one.  This is the most prevalent time to spam emojis because it is when the enemy has no chance of losing the game as is like the last laugh type of situation.

Most Common Emojis Used

21f66BWEven though there are about ten emojis for the player to use, only a few of them are prioritized for the emoji spamming.  There are four emojis that are repeated throughout different players.  Three of those are an animation emoji and only one of them is a text or word box emoji.  This makes sense as the animations can express more feelings.  The first common emoji, the text emoji, is the one that says oops.  The oops emoji is used when your opponent usually takes one of your towers or easily beats you quickly because they make it seem like you made a huge mistake that let it happen, which in some cases may be true.  The oops implies that they did not mean to take your tower down in that push but you did not defend well so it was unintentional.  The next common emoji to spam is the crying face emoji.  This emoji can be used at the begining of the match if your opponent has had a bad match previous to the one he has with you or just is trying to bug you if you had a bad match last time.  The crying emoji is used just like the oops emoji where it is used after you have made some sort of mistake, usually a defensive one.  Usually the crying emoji occurs when they beat you at the very end or stop a big push of yours with very little elixir.  It is not as common for an enemy to spam the crying emoji when they have taken only one tower down because the battle is not even close to being over.  The final emoji emoji spammers use often is the laughing emoji.  This is a virtual “laugh at your face” to try getting the best of you and your emotions.  This can be used at any of the three situations mentioned above because the emoji is just simply stating that you either made a mistake or just plain out could not defend from them.

Who Are Emoji Spammers
imagesLet me get this off the bat, emoji spammers are not the scum of the earth.  Usually emoji spammers are brought from two places.  The first type of emoji spammer is an immature kid or adult just messing with people.  These emoji spammers are the most likely to emoji spam every single match and are the people that wrecks the game for a small minority of the players at clash royale.  These emoji spammers are also usually more immature and thus, lack more advanced strategy than other players.  I found out that these type of emoji spammers are usually in the lower arenas because their skills lacks good tactics.  In higher arenas, emoji spammers become a lot less prevalent because as you climb in trophies, the average maturity usually increases.  The second type of emoji spammers are non permanent emoji spammers.  Usually these people are salty gamers who either had a horrible last match or a streak of losses with maybe a few near wins.    You will only see these players spam emojis of they either have a very big lead on you or if they have just beaten you.  The spam the emojis because at that moment, their mental health is suffering because of a multiple game loss streak.  By them spamming all their emojis out onto the other player, they feel better and gain some more mental stability.  These types of spammers are in every arena but you will rarely run into one.

Emoji Spamming- Useful tactics

1457947618158Before I get to the side that shows emoji spamming as bad, Ill get to the pros of emoji spamming.  You have all experienced this- having a row of losses and then have this emoji spamming jerk ruin this game you most likely will lose.  Out of spite, you force close the app and do something else for a little bit.  Now what you experienced there was a jerk who made you mad right?  After looking through that experience a little more closely, you realized you just gave that emoji spammer an easy three crown win.  This is why some people continue to do emoji spamming, because it lets you possibly have the chance to win easily.  Who does not want a free win?  And if all you have to do is spam a button a few times, why would you not do that?  In my experience, I have taunted a higher level opponent enough right when I took the lead to the point where he raged quit ed.  This match could have easily gone back to his or her favor but since I taunted him, I secured the victory easily.  this is not the only tactical use of emoji spamming though.  The next situation when an emoji can be helpful is when spawning a high cost troop like the golem or pekka.  The trick is to spam an emoji and during the time when the emoji is up, you spawn your pekka or golem.  The emojis cover up you troop for a bit and if your enemy does not have their sound turned on, they can not see the troop that clearly.  If you follow up the pekka with even more emojis, you can possibly get the whole troop deployment time for free with your opponent oblivious to the pekka or golem being deployed, giving you a few extra seconds for free.  Make sure to use the emoji with animated pictures, as the text or word box taunts will not cover up the whole troop. Tactical use of the emojis are only during the battle phase though.  Once the time runs up in the regular battle time or in over time and that blue ending screen pops up, and emojis spammed during the blue screen becomes immoral banter and no longer strategical game play.  This is because there is no more tactics when you have already won the game, it just sees if you are a good or sore winner.

Emoji Spamming- Immoral Banter

Immoral banter is what w\as previously described.  It sounds a lot like trying to make your opponent quit under their emotions like explained in the useful tactics paragraph and in fact, they are identical.  This is why this topic is so controversial.  I have spoken to a few people in my clan about their thought about the emoji spamming and there were mixed replies, both sides having strong feelings about their positions.  One thing was agreed on in the talk though was that any emoji spamming that happened after the battle is over is extreme =bad manners because the game has already ended.  The best thing we agreed on was just to say good game, good luck, then then go search for the next opponent you have to face.


Did you learn some new strategies to the emoji spam or strengthened your thoughts on the premise that emoji spamming is just an un gentleman and un lady like move?  Tell me your positions down in the comments.  I personally see it as a strategy up until the battle is over.  Also, please write about your experiences and add on anything I have missed.  Until next time, have a great day!