This deck contains almost all the skeleton cards in the game.  The deck uses the giant skeleton, the bomber, the balloon, the tombstone, the bomb tower, the spear goblins, the arrows, and the regular one elixir skeletons.  The skeleton army and the guards are replaced by none bone cards and troops like the spear goblins and the arrows.  This is because with out these cards, the all skeleton or all bone deck would be way to ground oriented and have an extremely hard time against any deck with air troops.  If no replacements were made then you would have exactly zero cards that can counter the balloon.  Having spear goblins and the arrows card makes this deck a lot stronger and you now have a chance against balloon decks.  If you are still having trouble against balloon giant decks or lava loon decks you can also switch the bomb tower for the three elixir minions.  By doing this switch you make your average elixir cost for your deck a little bit lower and you also add another anti balloon troop to your arsenal of cards.  I first got this idea for this deck from a you tuber who did a father and son type deck with troops like the royal giant and the giant, the prince and the dark prince, and other similar combinations.  This deck is more of a fun deck to try enhancing your clash royal gaming experience.  This will be a hard deck to master competitively but it does have the surprise element of utilizing the giant skeleton.  I do not recommend this deck for hard core trophy pushing.  I recommend to use this deck if you do not really care about your trophy count or just to mess around with friends.  You will like this deck if you are a casual but would dis like it if you are a hard core clash royale player.


This deck has an average elixir cost of 3.6 elixir ans using the following cards:


Giant_SkeletonGiant Skeleton-  The giant skeleton is your main tank of your push.  The giant skeleton leads your balloon towards the tower getting shot at by enemy troops.  Ideally, your balloon makes it to the tower unharmed and drops their bombs.  Usually, this is not the case.  Most players usually bring at least one building into their deck, whether its the cannon, inferno tower, or elixir collector, they will all distract both your giant skeleton and your balloon.  Because of this, your giant skeleton loses its ultimate tank status and switches to more of a guard that tries getting its payload, the balloons bomb, to the tower.  Of course you want your giant skeleton to soak up all the damage of the enemy troops, but this will most likely not happen.  The giant skeleton is not suppose to make it to the tower but is a great bonus if it does.  Its death bomb does about 1000 damage to the crown tower which is more damage then what a single bomb from your balloon would do.  However, if it happens to die before it makes it to the enemy tower, that is completely fine.  Instead of just dying like the regular giant wood, the giant skeleton grops a big bomb.  This can help clear out the enemy’s defending troops or buildings which can make it a lot easier to have your balloon reach the enemy crown or arena tower.  However, the timer on the explosive bomb is three seconds so if the enemy defends with a minion horde or minions, it is most likely that it will be to late for your balloon once the bomb goes off.  You giant skeleton is there just so it takes enough damage for your balloon to get one shot off on the tower.  Two shots are unlikely but is possible.  Because the balloon’s initial bomb damage and its death bomb does about 800 damage combined, you can afford to only get one shot off each push.  Use your giant skeleton and balloon effectively, and you will get towers down in no time.

BomberCardBomber- The bomber is a great, cheap card that does splash damage.  The bomber  moves at a moderate pace but its damage and its high damage lets it kill think super fast.  With only a few bombs, it can kill a whole group of barbarians.  The bomber also shows its speed on smaller groups and effectively takes them out with a single bomb.  No we will go in to more detail about the bomber.  The bomber only costs three elixir.  I chose the bomber because it is cheaper than the fire ball and is extremely well against barbarians.  When facing higher level people, 90% of those people will use barbarians in their deck.  Why?  Because the barbarians are such a very good card.  Having a strong, hard counter to a common card will help make your deck a lot better.  The bomber, only costing you three elixir, helps you gain a 2 elixir profit along with a free bomber.  Also, it is not worth it for your enemy launching a fire ball at it because they would make themselves have a one elixir disadvantage.  You may also be wondering why I chose bomber over the wizard because the wizard does target air and ground and kills barbarians almost as effectively.  The reason is that the bomber is two elixir cheaper than the wizard is.  This makes the bomber a lot better choice when cycling cards because it will let you get through your deck quite a bit faster.  Additionally, you do not need to cover air because your arrows already do the job well.  I feel like the wizard or fire ball is not needed in this deck because your arrows can counter any scary flying troops and your giant skeleton can counter any scary walking on the ground things.

imgresSkeletons-  The skeletons is a great distraction and cycle card.  This card can be very good when countering heavy hitting troops such as the pekka or the prince.  The skeletons essentially tank for the arena towers and the damage dealers defending.  This makes the enemy prince or pekka waste all their damage by only killing one small health point troop per swing.  This stalls the prince and pekka long enough so they can’t get any damage on your tower.  The skeletons should be used as a defensive card 90 percent of the time as they will get one shotted by almost any card and definitely get one shoted by the enemy crown or arena tower.  Because of the recent update where they changed the skeletons that were spawned from four to three, it reciueved quite a big nerf and is not as useful.  However, at this stage of the game I think that it can be usefull and help you defend your arena or crown towers quite a bit.  The skeletons have no hard counter that gives foir opponent an equal or advantageous elixir count but the skeletons also have no offensive potential.

BalloonCardBalloon-  Your balloon is your main damage dealer in your deck.  If it goes onto the enemy tower, you will see your opponent arena or crown tower’s health bar drop like crazy.  A level 3 balloon will do just over 700 damage per bomb dropped.  A higher level balloon will do a lot more damage, nearly 100 per bomb, can can kill some of your opponents crown or arena towers with just three shots.  However, your balloon is very weak towards minions.  Minions have a high damage per second stat which can easily kill the balloon before it reaches to your enemy crown or arena tower.  Also, spear goblins are effective against the balloon because they have a fairly high damage per second stat.  If the enemy isn’t tactical, the minions will spawn on the giant skeleton.  However, if they are tactical, which most of them are since they are in legendary arena, they will wait until the balloon crosses the bridge and then they spawn the minions on top of the balloon.  this is both true with the minions and the spear goblins if our opponent has any of those cards.  However, having your opponent defend with spear goblins is a lot harder for them because the spear goblins will be more prone to attack your giant skeleton instead of your balloon.  Because of this, you may want to be ready to support your balloon with preemptive arrows, which will be explained in the arrows section of this article.  The balloon can also be well supported by your ice wizard, but you may want to save it for a defensive counter if your opponent has a high cost deck.

SpearGoblinSpear Goblins-  The spear goblin card is one of the most basic troops in the game.  For being one of the first cards to be unlocked in the game, it is surprising how well they perform.  The Spear Goblins not only can defend against goblins, enemy Spear Goblins, and Minions in a on verse one with the help of your Tower, but it can also be used at the very beginning.  If the Spear Goblins are used right at the start, you force your opponent to either react to them by placing a much more expensive troop, leaving an option to have a hard counter ready, or make them just watch those Spear Goblins chip 300 damage off their tower.  300 may not seem like a whole bunch, but do that 2 or three times in a match, and you got yourself 1000 free chip damage.  The Spear Goblins can also kill a Princess that is on the bridge very quickly as long as the princess is distracted.  If the princess is not distracted and you deploy the spear goblins, they will die before they can kill the princess, making you basically waste three elixir.  On a very good note however, you can do an advanced move with these spear goblins.  the spear goblins, just like your minions, are one of your only air targeting units.  You should save your spear goblins just to counter any balloons or lava hounds they may have.  If you see that their deck does not have any of those cards, you can use the spear goblins like you normally would.The spear goblins are extremely vulnerable to splash damage units like the bomber, the Valkyrie, the witch, the bowler, the fire spirits, and the baby dragon.  The spear goblins are also very vulnerable to any direct damage spells such as the fire ball, the arrows, and the lightning spell.


Bomb Tower-This card is what I would call your foundation defense.  If its in your hand, play it once you get max Elixir.  This card provides big value on defense and can help intimidate your opponent from an aggressive assault.  This card also works magic against any hut spammers, the barbarians, the hog rider and any goblin pushes.  Against the barbarians, the bomb tower can unleash ehough bombs to be able to kill all four of the barbarians without even being swung at.  Against the hog rider, the bomb tower will easily destroy the enemy hog rider but be careful that you do not do this trade that often.  Your opponents hog rider costs only four elixir while your bomb tower costs a whopping five elixir.  This gives you a negative elixir trade and that is why I would recommend you to use your tombstone when countering an enemy hog rider.  The bomb tower is better suited at countering the royal giant because its extremely high health can provide a huge distraction while other troops can damage and kill the enemy’s royal giant.  You can also wait until the royal giant crosses the bridge and then place your bomb tower down so it is within range of the royal giant.  This will make the bomb tower have multiple purposes as being the damage sponge for your arena or crown tower and also help damage the enemy royal giant.  Also, if your opponent supported their push with goblins, barbarians, or some other ground troops, the bomb tower can also kill those troops while killing the royal giant.  The bomb tower can work well in this deck and is perfect because it has a skeleton on top of this tower.  The bomb tower costs five elixir and stays with the theme of an all skeleton deck.The opponent may also send out a minion horde to destroy the bomb tower.  Sending your own arrows to kill the Minion Horde will not only protect the precious tower, but also let you gain an Elixir advantage.  Since no Elixir Collector is present, this card, when on the field, will give you a little Elixir defense bonus.  This also works well as a tank since its health points are very high,  like any building after the May Third update, you should be weary if the opponent has a Royal Giant as it can out range most defensive buildings.

imgresTombstone-  The tombstone is weak by itself but can be a formidable target when combined with other ally troops.  The tombstone can add skeletons to your push and if they get to the tower, their small chip damage can add up to be quite a bit.   The tombstone is also good at countering a few troops.  The best troop it counters are the high or heavy hitters like the prince, the pekka,  or the mini pekka.  This is because the tombstone can send out some skeletons at a pretty fast pace.  The prince or pekka will keep being distracted by the skeletons while each skeleton gets one shot off on the pekka and while your arena or crown tower gets shots off.  Also, once the pekka or prince finally gets to the tombstone, they have to wast another hit on the tombstone to break it.  After this, three more skeletons spawn cause a bigger distraction and even more damage to be piled onto the pekka or prince that is advancing.  This distraction cause by the tombstone will let you kill the prince easily for a huge elixir advantage and severely damage a full health pekka.  The tombstone is also a great counter to the hog ridge.  If you place it in the center of your side of the map, the hog rider will go to it while being damaged by your arena or crown tower, sometimes both of them.  Then he has to destroy the tombstone which takes a few hits so it stalls the hog rider even more. Once the tombstone is destroyed, the skeletons pop out and damage him even further when he is going back to your crown or arena tower.  This defense and stalling will only let the hog rider get one to two hits off your tower.  As a bonus, sometimes the hog rider does not even get a shot off of the tower.  Just like every other building in the game, the tombstone has the ability to pull and distract all building targeting troops like the balloon, the golem, the hog rider, the giant, and the royal giant.


Arrows-CardArrows- Preemptive arrows is a term to describe something you do because you anticipate a future event that did not happen yet.  An example of a preemptive tactic is when you shoot a fireball in front of your enemy’s arena or crown tower after you placed down your hog rider.  You may do this just in hopes to kill their defensive barbarians faster and more effectively.  The same strategy applies with the preemptive arrows.  Right after both your giant skeleton and balloon crossed the bridge, your opponent may spawn minions or the minion horde.  If you see them counter with the minions or the minion horde the very first time you make a big push, you can reasonably assume that they will defend in the same manor as long as they cycle through their cards enough and you have the same push composition.  If they have just the three elixir minions, that is o k.  If they have the minion horde as a defense, that is even better because you can gain an elixir advantage.  What you want to do is have patients and wait until your giant skeleton and your balloon have crossed the river.  Right before you think your opponent will place the three elixir minions or the minion horde, send your arrows out at nothing, but send them where you think they will spawn their three elixir minions or their minion horde.  This gives you a head start on countering the three elixir minions or the minion horde and let both your giant skeleton and your balloon go unscathed in the push.  However, there is a risk in doing this.  If they send in the minion horde to their three elixir minions just a bit later than you think, you have wasted your arrows and now have to defend against the minion horde or the three elixir minions.  Also, if they defend with something else, you could also waste your arrows.  If they place down an inferno tower and you send out your arrows, you have just wasted them and gave your enemy a perfectly good time to use their minions for an offensive push while you do not have your main counter.  Usually I do not do preemptive spells unless the situation is dire or they are very predictable.  Arrows are also your main princess killer.  Keep in mind that you need at least level 8 arrows or you should switch this card for fire spirits.  The reason is that to kill a level 1 princess, you need at least a level 8 arrow card.  Level 2 princesses will take level 9 arrows and so on and so forth.  Also, you can use this card to kill minion hordes for a big profit and goblin barrels for a one elixir profit.  Arrows can also help you kill small swarms like skeletons, minions, goblins, spear goblins, or the skeleton army.  The arrows, if timed well, can also effectively counter an enemy goblin babrrel for an equal elixir trade.  You also will not take any damage from the barrel because a recent update mitigated the splash damage the barrel cause to zero.  Arrows is a very good card to have in your deck because it is only 3 elixir and can counter many things for an elixir advantage of some sort.