Background Information

This deck is called the cash deck because the easiest way to use this deck is to spend money.  Of course you can be extremely luck and get a ton of legendaries for free but that is very unlikely.  For the legendary cards, the higher the level the better.  The minimum card level of the princess should be three and the sparky, miner, and ice wizards should have a minimum level of two.  This results in needing to have at least 12 legendaries which makes it very unlikely to be able to play this deck if you can’t spend money.  Even though most of you probably will not use this deck, I’d thought it would be a fun guide to show people who do have these cards how to use them well.  This deck consists of cards that are all at the cost of three elixir or less besides the sparky.  The goal of this deck is like the hog cycle, but in this case it is a sparky cycle.  You want to over whelm your opponent with sparkies so they can have no way of defending from your deck.


The average elixir cost for this deck is 3.1 elixir and contains the following cards:


2Q==Princess-  The princess is very squishy.  She can die to arrows and sometimes even to a zap spell.  However, she has excellent range and some good splash damage.  Her range compares that to of a mortar and is the only troop.  She is the only troop that can three star the enemy by herself because she out rangers both the arena or crown towers along with the king’s tower.  Her area of effect damage is also great for small swarm troops all the way up to barbarians.  She hard counters hut spam decks really well.  Also, she can bait out arrows if you have a minion horde or goblin barrel in you deck.  Since you do not have any of those cards, you do not really need to use her for baiting the opponents arrows.  The princess does very bad against high health troops though.  She is very vulnerable to the pekka, the musketeer, the wizard, any type of prince, the miner, and other troops like those.

CardsMiner-  The miner will act as your tank in this deck.  When you are set to do a sparky push, you should send your minter to your opponents tower that you are attacking,  The placement of the miner should be a random side of the tower but not the inner wall.  This makes it harder to counter the miner with regular shank goblins because they may guess your miner’s location wrong and that will allow your miner to lock on to the tower for some damage.  By sending your miner our right before the sparky crosses the bridge, you allow the miner to tank and let the sparky get to the tower easier.  The sparky push should also be supported by the fire spirits, ice wizard, and goblins if possible.  The miner also has other uses in this deck.  If your enemy has more elixir collectors on the field than you like, you can send a miner on to one  and the miner will do some crazy damage to it.  Also, your opponents may think that the miner is going for their crown or arena tower and spawn defending goblins or minions really far away from the miner’s location.  Just like with the elixir collector, the miner is also great at destroying hut spammers by targeting their tomb stones, goblin huts, barbarian huts, and furnaces.  The miner is also a great princess killer as he can spawn right next to her and take her out in two shots.  The miner is very vulnerable to things the princess is to like princes, pekkas, musketeers, and any air troops like minions and the baby dragon.

imgresSparky-  The sparky can be devastating when used properly.  In order for it to lock onto the tower, you have to make sure it stays alive.  The most common counters to the sparky is the barbarians or the minion horde.  Keeping this in mind, you should support your sparky with troops that will counter its counter.  A great counter to the barbarians and the minion horde is the fire spirits.  The fire spirits can kill all but one minion in a minion horde and they can damage all the barbarians down to a sliver of health.  Because the fire spirits do not fully counter any one of those cards, you need more support.  Good additions to your push would be the ice wizard,  He does splash damage which can help slow down the barbarian’s attack speed and kill them super fast with his splash damage.  He can also take the one surviving minion out really quickly.  After your ice wizard has killed those troops off, he can still support the sparky.  By attacking the crown tower, he can slow the arena tower’s attack rate and let the sparky live longer.  By having the sparky live longer, he or she will be able to get more shots in which will give yourself a huge damage advantage.  The final support to the sparky will be the minions or goblins, it does not really matter.  Both of these troops do extremely well damage wise and can also help clean up any remaining troops your opponent has spawned for defense.  It really depend on how much elixir you have left and what type of deck your opponent is running.  This deck, because it revolves around the sparky, has quite a few weaknesses.  The sparky is extremely weak against any type of hut spam deck, any deck with a lot of swarm troops, and any deck that contains the zap or rocket.  These are all direct counters to the sparky but using different types of troops in you big push will help minimize the counters and help you a great deal.  When using the miner, sparky, ice wizard, fire spirit, and goblin or minion combo, it will take up to 17 elixir.  You can either wait for double elixir to try pulling this push off or try a smaller push.  A good relatively small push would be the sparky, the ice wizard, and the fire spirits.  This push costs 11 elixir which is a lot easier to pull off when the game mode is at a regular elixir production state.

IceWizardCardIce Wizard-  The ice wizard will help you a lot in this deck.  It is great at defense against the hog because if you have the goblins and ice wizard defending, good placement of both troops will make it impossible for your enemy to get a shot off the tower.  I ice wizard’s slowing stat also allows him to counter high damage per second troops by slowing their fire rate.  An example of the ice wizard working his magic is against the royal giant.  With only the three elixir minions defending against the royal giant, a ton of damage will be done to your tower.   If you add the ice wizard onto your defense, the royal giant will get about as much damage off as half of your sparky shot.  The ice wizard is also very good on offense as it can help slow defending units or the crown tower.  The combination of the ice wizard and goblins can work extremely well if left uncontested because the ice wizard has a moderate amount of health while slowing the tower down a lot.  This makes him act as a very good take for the goblins that cause all the damage.  the ice wizard is also one of your main cards in the big sparky pushyou do during double elixir.  It is also one of the card you use in your relatively small sized sparky push during the first two minutes of the battle.

Goblins-imgres The goblins are another great card besides the spear goblins.  For being unlocked at such an early arena, it has quite a high use rate among legendary arena players.  The goblins is a very good card because they provide a grouping of low health units which helps defend against high hitters like the mini pekka and prince.  They also give a lot more damage out so they work even better than the spear goblins when defending the prince and mini pekka.  However, they are not good enough to do it by themselves and they need the support you minions or the support of your cannon to do the job efficiently.  If you would end up doing minions the mini pekka and prince will die without a hit on the tower and you can start a counter push of the minions and a balloon, with the balloon tanking and in front of the minions of course.  The goblins can also be used in the giant, the goblin, and the bomber push.  This is a pretty weak push if your opponent does have minions but at this level they probably will have the minions focus on the giant and not your supporting troops so this push should still work.  The goblins can be killed by all splash damage troops very easily and are very vulnerable to the direct damage spells whether it is the lightning spell, the fire ball, or the arrows.

FireSpiritsCardFire Spirits-  The fire spirits are your other splash damage card.  The reason why they are not your only splash damage card is because they die when they give out damage.  This makes it hard for them to support a push all the way through because once they run into a troop, they no longer can support your push.  However, their damage is insane for only two elixir.  Their damage exceeds 500 and can be put out all withing one second.  This lets the kill bunched up thinks very easily like skeletons, spear goblins, and the regular goblins.  It can take out equal level spear goblins, skeletons, or regular shank goblins with only one out of the three fire spirits that are present.  This means that this one card that only costs two elixir can kill all three of those cards costing a combined total of five elixir.  The fire spirits can also nearly take down barbarians to the grave.  The fire spirits can make the barbarian’s health points go so low that your arena tower can finish them off with out taking any damage.  This gives you a three elixir value and a great quick reaction counter to swarm troops.  The fire spirits do not do well against high health singular targets like the pekka, prince, or balloon.  They also are countered by the zap spell.  It does a so so job against troops that have medium health like the mini pekka, musketeer, and wizard ( as long as they can reach their target without dying).

MinionsCardMinions– The Cash Deck uses the Minions because they are very cheap and allow you to cycle to your sparky very fast.    The Minions are preferred in this deck over the Minion Horde because you want to keep the cost of troops low.  By keeping the cost low, you will be able to cycle through your cards faster.  The Minions also do well enough against air troops like the Balloon or Baby Dragon, although for the Baby Dragon needs to target your Crown Tower first.  Minions also can take out the barbarian group with the help of the Spear Goblins.  This leaves you with a major counter push at the ready.  Also, these blue little monsters can help destroy Prince rushes with the help of some ground troops.  Even if your enemy uses Arrows, you are not at a Elixir disadvantage, unlike the Minion Horde.  The Minions could also kill a Sparky before it can take its aim at the Tower.  The minions are very vulnerable to anything that attacks air troops like the baby dragon, the witch, the spear goblins, the musketeer, and the wizard.  The minions are also weak to direct damage spells like the zap spell and the arrows.  Both of these direct damage spells will give your opponent an equal or an advantageous elixir trade.  It is strong against group troops that have a medium or low amount of health.  The are strong against the mini pekka, the musketeer, the barbarians, the pekka, and the princes.


CannonCardCannon-  The cannon is your main defense against building targeting troops like the giant, the hog rider, the balloon, the royal giant, and the golem.  Make sure you have good placement with your cannon because its five and a half tile range is very short.  Also, you should never pre place a cannon.  If you do, your enemy can send any air troop, like the three elixir minions or the baby dragon, and destroy it without taking any damage.  You enemy can also just place a single musketeer and out range the cannon.  This can make you basically waste your defense and make you lose three elixir.  Also, you cannon is out of your hand which makes it a lot harder to defend from the defense targeting troops like the giant, balloon, and hog rider.  If your opponent doesn’t have those troops or they just used it and you have the cannon in your hand, you can use the combination of the ice wizard and cannon to defend from hordes of small group troops.  A cannon and ice wizard combo can defend from barbarians.  If for some reason you do not like th cannon, you can use the tesla instead.  The tesla costs one more elixir so it should not ruin your cycling that much.  Also, the tesla can hit both air and ground troops unlike the cannon.  THe basic strategies can be applied to the tesla like using the ice wizard in combination.  The downside to the tesla is that hog riders may take no notice of it because the tesla is underground.  The hog rider may have targeted the crown tower once the tesla pops up making it a pretty bad counter.  Also, using the tesla will not let you get an elixir advantage against the hog unlike the cannon.


No spells are used in this deck.  The reason being is that you have so much splash damage it is not really needed. Your ice wizard and princess can each take care of the spear goblins, the regular shank goblins, the three elixir minions, the minion horde, and the skeletons easily.  The princess and ice wizard combined can take down barbarians super easily.  Fire spirits can take down the spear goblins, the regular shank goblins, the three elixir minions, the minion horde, the skeletons, AND the barbarians super easily as well.  And if all else fails, you still have the sparky that can easily melt through a group of barbarians.