Background Information

The hut span deck is a fairly common deck strategy among lower to mid arena levels.  The basic strategy to this deck is that you over whelm your opponent with small troops and eventually do enough chip damage to their towers that they are eventually destroyed.  This deck works best in double elixir or overtime because the double elixir production gives you the ability to spam even more troops down onto the playing field.  These decks are usually very strong against heavy push oriented decks because you always keep pressure on your enemy.  This pressure does not allow your opponent enough time to save up enough elixir to drop their tank, like the golem, pekka, or lava hound.  However, this deck is every weak when facing a deck that contains a lot of splash damage or the lightning or rocket.  If someone uses a lot of the troops that have the splash damage ability like the wizard, the bomber, the valkyrie, the baby dragon, or uses a lot of spells like the fire ball, the arrow. or the zap, your spam troops will not make it that far.  The worst card to face when using the hut spam deck is the poison spell because it is a two bird one stone type of card.  The poison spell damages your huts, which makes less troops spawn out of them, and it also destroyed any troops that do come out of the huts so it stops your momentum a lot.  The lightning spell and the rocket also stop your momentum but they are not as bad as the poison spell.  Also, the lightning spell and the rocket can destroy your huts and other buildings while doing a lot of damage to your crown tower which makes it difficult for you to spam your troops.  This is called a meta deck and  a no skill deck so if you lose, you may get more emoticon spam trolls that if you used a unique or non troll deck.  If you are passionate about not losing or get on tilt easily, this may not be the deck for you because if you lose a few games in a row, you may start to hate this deck.  However, if you just want to have fun in Clash Royale and mess with people, this is a great deck to use.  It is also a comeback deck where you can be losing zero to one and then win in over time with a three one victory.  This deck uses the princess, the ice wizards, the mini pekka, the tombstone, the furnace, the goblin hut, the barbarian hut, and the mirror card.


The average elixir cost for this deck is 3.8 elixir and contains the following cards:


2Q==Princess-  The princess is very squishy.  She can die to arrows and sometimes even to a zap spell.  However, she has excellent range and some good splash damage.  Her range compares that to of a mortar and is the only troop.  She is the only troop that can three star the enemy by herself because she out rangers both the arena or crown towers along with the king’s tower.  Her area of effect damage is also great for small swarm troops all the way up to barbarians.  She hard counters hut spam decks really well.  Also, she can bait out arrows if you have a minion horde or goblin barrel in you deck.  Since you do not have any of those cards, you do not really need to use her for baiting the opponents arrows.  The princess does very bad against high health troops though.  She is very vulnerable to the pekka, the musketeer, the wizard, any type of prince, the miner, and other troops like those.

IceWizardCardIce Wizard-  The ice wizard will help you a lot in this deck.  It is great at defense against the hog because if you have the mini pekka and ice wizard defending, good placement of both troops will make it impossible for your enemy to get a shot off the tower.  The ice wizard’s slowing stat also allows him to counter high damage per second troops by slowing their fire rate.  An example of the ice wizard working his magic is against the royal giant.  With only the mini pekka defending against the royal giant, a moderate amount of damage will be done to your tower.   If you add the ice wizard onto your defense, the royal giant will get a lot less damage off during his life time..  The ice wizard is also very good on offense as it can help slow defending units or the crown tower.  The combination of the ice wizard and mini pekka can work extremely well if left uncontested because the ice wizard has a moderate amount of health and does splash damage while slowing the tower down a lot.  This makes him act as a very good support troop for the mini pekka that causes all the damage.  The ice wizard is probably your best card in supporting offensive pushes and supporting your mini pekka during a defense.

imgresMini Pekka-  The mini pekka is in this deck for a few reasons.  It is relatively cheap which brings down your average elixir cost.  This allows you to cycle through to your hut buildings and spawners faster which makes your opponent under even more pressure.  Also, the mini pekka has a lot higher health than any of your other troops in your deck.  This lets you get rid of annoying, high health splash damage troops with easy.  Instead of having your hordes of small troops get annihilated by the wizard or the valkyrie, you can send in your mini pekka to deal with these problem troops.  Your can sometimes use your princess or ice wizards for these jobs but the princess has very little health, just a little more than a goblin, and the ice wizard barely does any damage.  In these situations the best counter for those big health units is the mini pekka.  Also, the mini pekka is great at countering high health tanks.  The mini pekka can kill an enemy hog in two hits and only let the hog rider get off one shot on your tower.  Of course the pekka may only need one shot if you have one or two spawning huts behind the tower or on that side.  Also, if you have a decent amount of troops spawning the hog rider many not even get one shot off.  The pekka also kills the royal giant very efficiently.  The pekka, since it does so much damage, will kill the enemy royal giant in just a few hits.  This makes it hard for the royal giant to get much damage off on to your tower.  With only the mini pekka defending your tower, the royal giant may get around 500 damage off of your tower.  However, you most likely will have other troops supporting your mini pekka which will make the enemy royal giant drop even faster.  The mini pekka also kills the regular giant very easily and it can solo defend good enough.  You do not need to worry about supporting your mini pekka with anything else.   The mini pekka works great against single targeting troops like the musketeer, the wizard, the valkrie, the prince, and the troops previously mentioned above.  The mini pekka is weak against swarm troops like the spear goblins, the skeletons, the regular shank goblins, and the barbarians.  The mini pekka is also weak against some air troops like the minions and the minion horde.


imgresTombstone-  The tombstone is weak by itself but can be a formidable target when combined with other hut spawning buildings.  The tombstone can add skeletons to your push and if they get to the tower, their small chip damage can add up to be quite a bit.   The tombstone is also good at countering a few troops.  The best troop it counters are the high or heavy hitters like the prince, the pekka,  or the mini pekka.  This is because the tombstone can send out some skeletons at a pretty fast pace.  The prince or pekka will keep being distracted by the skeletons while each skeleton gets one shot off on the pekka and while your arena or crown tower gets shots off.  Also, once the pekka or prince finally gets to the tombstone, they have to wast another hit on the tombstone to break it.  After this, three more skeletons spawn cause a bigger distraction and even more damage to be piled onto the pekka or prince that is advancing.  This distraction cause by the tombstone will let you kill the prince easily for a huge elixir advantage and severely damage a full health pekka.  The tombstone is also a great counter to the hog ridge.  If you place it in the center og your map, the hog rider will go to it while being damaged by your arena or crown tower, sometimes both of them.  Then he has to destroy the tombstone which takes a few hits so it stalls the hog rider even more.  Once the tombstone is destroyer, the skeletons pop out and damage him even further when he is going back to your crown or arena tower.  This defense and stalling will only let the hog rider get one to two hits off your tower.  As a bonus, sometimes the hog rider does not even get a shot off of the tower.  Just like every other building in the game, the tombstone has the ability to pull and distract all building targeting troops like the balloon, the golem, the hog rider, the giant, and the royal giant.

imgresFurnace-  The furnace is another spawner building.  It spawns a pair of fire spirits at constant intervals.  The furnace is a very good card for your spawner deck because it can aid your push, add splash damage to your army, and can hold off an entire lane from assault.  The fire spirits that are spawned from the furnace can easily take out a group of barbarians with the help of your own tower. Also, it can easily kill groups of skeletons, goblins, spear goblins, minions, and the minion horde.  Because of this, the furnace can usually stop a person from trying to push the same lane as the furnace.   The furnace also covers the splash damage part of your swarm.  The skeletons from the tombstone, the spear goblins from the goblin hut, and the barbarians from the barbarian hut all do single target damage.  Also, only the spear goblins attack air troops.  This makes the push very weak against air troops like the minions, the baby dragon, and the minion horde.  What the furnace allows if for your push to be strong against the minion horde and other air units.  This will greatly strengthen your chances of over whelming your opponent with small troops.   Just like every other building in the game, the furnace has the ability to pull and distract all building targeting troops like the balloon, the golem, the hog rider, the giant, and the royal giant.

GoblinHutCardGoblin Hut-  The goblin hut is the very first spawner building you get to unlock.  It spawns one spear goblin at a time at constant intervals.  The goblin has enough health to with stand one arrow by your enemy’s crown or arena tower.  Their health lets them have enough time to send off one spear before they die.  Because of this, the goblin hut is a great chip damage building.  Each spear goblin should do anywhere from 35 to 50 damage on the enemy tower per hit.  The goblin hut is also essential for your hut spamming strategy as it is the only air targeting troop that does not commit suicide.  The spear goblins are a great card to counter the minions because they can stand back and shoot at them while the barbarians and skeletons are tanking for them.  The spear goblins can also do something the fire spirits can’t.  The spear goblins can effectively counter the baby dragon, the lava hound, and the balloon.  Because the baby dragon, the balloon, and the lava hound all have a ton of health, the fire spirits can give off enough sustained damage.  ON the other hand, a few spear goblins will be enough to kill a baby dragon or the balloon without them having a chance to do any damage on your crown tower.  the spear goblins and fire spirits will need support of either your princess or ice wizard to take down the lava hound because after it explodes, the lava pups can do  a surprising amount of damage.  Also, combined with the fore spirits, they can take down the minion horde or barbarians in a matter of seconds.  Just like every other building in the game, the goblin hut has the ability to pull and distract all building targeting troops like the balloon, the golem, the hog rider, the giant, and the royal giant.

imgresBarbarian Hut-  The barbarian hut is also a staple in your swarming push.  The barbarian hut spawns a pair of barbarians.  If left untouched, these barbarians can do some good work on your enemies tower.  The barbarian hut causes constant pressure to your enemy.  However, if you do not support your barbarians with anything the three elixir minions can stop the barbarians pretty easily.  Because of this, you may either want to support your barbarians with other huts, an ice wizard, your mini pekka, or a princess.  By supporting your barbarians with another card, you are putting a lot more pressure on your opponent.  Be careful when using this card  because it costs seven elixir.  This means that it is a big investment and if your opponent rushes right after you play your barbarian hut, you may not have enough elixir to defend from a hog, giant, or balloon push.  The barbarians are however the strongest cards in your push.  They can help destroy medium health troops like the knight or mini pekka.  Also, the can help stall higher damage troops like the prince, the musketeer, and the wizard in order for your more fragile units make it to the tower.  Just like every other building in the game, the barbarian hut has the ability to pull and distract all building targeting troops like the balloon, the golem, the hog rider, the giant, and the royal giant.


Clash-Royale-Mirror-CardMirror-  The mirror card is basically to support all your huts.  With the mirror, you can play the card you used previously at the cost of one more elixir.  This card lets u be able to cycle through more huts and over whelm your opponent even more.  For example, you can spawn two goblin huts in a row at the very beginning to start off a medium sized amount of pressure.  The mirror card also does something else pretty cool in your deck.  Since you can hold four cards in your hand during battle, and you have 4 spamming hut buildings and a mirror card that can spawn one of those four huts, our have the possibility of never having to place down a troop.  You can just cycle through your four hut spam buildings and your mirror card.  However, you most likely will have to play some of your troops like the princess, the ice wizard, or the mini pekka in order to counter your opponents attack well.  The mirror does not have to be used for only your hut spamming buildings though.  You could have it so you can spawn two mini pekkas to make a super strong defense against anything that comes through your way.  Two mini pekkas can melt through the royal giant, the giant, the prince, and many other troops.  Also, if your opponent does a double hog split push. where they mirror a hog and they send one on each side, you can either spawn in two ice wizards or spawn in two mini pekkas to make an easy counter to their sudden push.  Additionally, you can effectively use a mirror on the princess.  If your opponent has 250 health or so on one of their towers, you can send two princesses right at the bridge so each princess can get one shot off.  This will result in enough damage to secure that one crown.  As you can see, the mirror card is very versatile and can fit in many situations.  Although I do not use the mirror that much in my strategies, it can be very powerful in hut spamming decks because it lets you spawn even more spawning buildings than ever before.