Hey everyone. It is no surprise that after the goblin barrel buff a couple of months ago the goblin barrel has become overpowered. All you need to win is common sense and a good level goblin barrel say a barrel spawning goblin one level higher than your level or even the same as your level .

Today I am going to discuss about a very simple yet overpowered deck with the help of which a guy in my clan reached 5000 trophies as a free to play player.

Background: This deck revolves around primarily the goblin barrel but interestingly enough in many cases it is not the goblin barrel but support units like minion horde that get you the win. That is what makes this deck so Unique.
It is consisted of :
Minion Horde
Goblin Barrel
Bomb Tower
Spear Goblins.

Weird right?

Just like the name suggests, your MAIN GOAL is to “bait out “(Bring out;Force the enemy to use it) cards like arrows/fireball/Log and Zap. Cards that he would ideally use to deal with the goblin barrel, rendering him unable to deal with the it and therefore conceding 400-800+ damage( Depending upon your goblin barrel level) for a mere cost or 3 elixir.

This move is GAME CHANGING.

Cards like the princes and the minion horde and the princess literally force the enemy to make that move. That is why it is always better to not play your goblin barrel in the initial 1 minute of the battle. Defend while occasionally getting chip damage in by fireball and arrows and even spear goblins, and when you see the enemy committing a major mistake by using his barrel-dealing spells, Push hard using barrel and other support troops.

Considering that most of the cards are those unlocked very early in the game. As far as i have seen this deck, and even played it sometimes, i have found is extremely fun to play. However, it requires lots of skill and even common sense.

Lets get into the detailed analysis of the deck.

The Bomb Tower

The bomb tower is pretty much nonexistent in the arena these days.

What people don’t realise is how strong it is. It is the highest HP building . Having over 2000 hitpoints at level 10! That is 600 more than a similar level inferno tower!


The bomb tower will be your defense against all kinds of tanks. Eg- Giant, Balloon, Golem , Lava Hound.

The reason for air troops being included is that due to its high health the bomb tower will give you enough time to kill it using princess spear goblins or minion horde. There will be an added benefit of counter-pushing.
Due to its splash damage it can be extremely effective against elite barbs and even wizards and witches. The splash and high health combined makes the bomb tower extremely strong.

The bomb tower absolutely KILLS the hog pushes.

The Princess:

The princess’ main job is to work as a support unit, be it on defense or offense.

Her secondary yet extremey crucial and sometimes match-winning job is to “BAIT” out arrows, Fireball,Zap or log. Most of the times the opponent will make this error and the princess can be very frustrating to deal with.

On defense, She is extremely effective against swarms of troops , incinerating both ground and air troops alike.

Ideal Situations of usage:
1- Minions/ Minion Horde
2- Skeleton army
3- Goblins/ Spear Goblins/ Goblin Gang.

If the above troops are dropped along with tanks such as golems, hogs, The bomb tower and the princess both must be used.
Additionally, Arrows can be used to take out swarm of troops along with barbarians/Horde to take out the tanks.

Overall, the princess is an extremely versatile card at the cost of a mere 3 elixir.

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins are very cheap and very “cheeky” . They can be used at the beginning of the battle virtually costing you nothing and do a healthy amount of chip damage( Every damage counts), sometimes bringing out a very silly play by your opponent, thereby allowing you to counter-push . Moreover, spear goblins are EXTREMELY versatile. They can deal with pretty much all cards. One of them is the musketeer, which in my opinion is a very irritating card, as it does immense damage. Spear gobs can distract her enough to allow your tower to kill her.

Spear gobs are also good at attacking, As playing your spear gobs along with your barrel can do heaps of damage.

You can start by placing the spear goblins at the back and when they are about to reach the bridge drop your goblin barrel ( Technique discussed later in this article) .

They are extremely useful and so is every card in this deck, as it is a very all rounded deck. This makes your current hand always full of options to deal with your opponent’s moves.

Minion Horde:

The minion horde is a VITAL card in this deck and is used in combination with the princess and goblin barrel.

It is mainly used on defense to deal with hordes of troops and even SuperTanks like the 3 musketeers. It is your hard defense against air troops like the lava hound(For lava pups) and balloon, And even against the baby dragon.

On offense, it can be used in sync with a cheekily placed goblin barrel, making the enemy rage quite sometimes, but hey, that’s what makes this deck so fun to play with *wink* .


The barbarians are extremely good in the current meta, easily countering The hog rider on defense( conceding ZERO damage if placed correctly – Placing them towards a little left and 2 tiles in front of your tower.

Against Elite Barbarians giants they provide good value and provide as a base for a counter-push with spear goblins and goblin barrel.

On offense , They have the potential to draw out fireball and bomber or bowler, All of which are excellent counters against the goblin barrel. This helps you capitalise on the barrel for a mere 3 elixir. In fact, in the dying moments of the game barbarians, if ignored , can be devastating, dealing as much as 1800 damage on the princess tower.

The Spells:

Spells are a vital part of any deck, and rightly so, as it is always better to have some direct form of damage to your enemy’s tower in case he has an extremely solid defense. That’s why this deck includes the deadly combination of the fireball and arrows.

I personally think that it is THE BEST spell combo because many times the enemy has a minion horde hiding in his deck that he/she might use in sync with tanks like hog rider, Giant, or balloon. It makes the role of arrows crucial, as it balances out the elixir disadvantage that you MIGHT have had after using fireball on, probably, the tower + a troop. If not, then it gives you an elixir advantage that you can capitalize on by hard pushing using minion horde and goblin barrel. This forces the enemy to choose to counter only one of them , and it thus proves to be very effective.

On defense the fireball can be used to deal with support units like mega minion, Minion horde, 3 musketeer, Wizards, and witches. Fireball and the splash range of the bomb tower is usually enough to finish off these support units.

Time for the ESSENCE of this deck.
Funny enough but it is a spell.

The Goblin Barrel

This is going to be the key offense in your deck. It has no play in defense unless you have the lead and you are desperately trying to protect your tower.

Now the “perfect” usage of the goblin barrel requires high skill. It includes 3 stages:

1st stage– This will be the first minute of the battle.
Ideally you wouldn’t want to show the enemy your goblin barrel unless he over commits so much so that he has barely enough elixir to defend a barrel. That is when you go hard with the minion horde and barrel.

2nd stage:This stage is a very short one. You will try to bait out his zap ,arrows , fireball , or log and go hard with the barrel, getting in more and more damage as the match progresses.

3rd stage: This is the stage where the enemy has a lot of skill, is using a cycle deck (being able to cycle back to spells very fast) or enough amount of spells to counter your deck. This is when you HAVE TO turn your pro mode on.

You will have to alternate between:
You will have to place the goblin barrel 2-5 tiles away from the tower so as to fool the enemy into wasting his zap( since he is predicting your barrel to land on the tower) hence allowing your goblins to do quite a lot damage.

Placing the barrel right on the tower( doing this after #1 will confuse the enemy into waiting letting your goblins do a lot of damage.)

You can do 1,2,1,2.. Or 1,2,1,1 so as to confuse the enemy.

I personally believe that it is there small moves that gives you more wins over others. The small differences and split second decision that one makes are what enables them to push hard and higher, and win championships and glory.

I hope this guide helped you push higher or become a better player. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. Cheers