Hey guys, it’s Snehil here, back after a long time and ready to give you guys some basic intro into this really good deck, which includes the bowler and hog, which i named the “HoBo” So let’s begin!

So as you guys know, its been 1 year since clash royale launched. Many new cars have been brought into this game and there have been monthly balance changes just to make sure that every card is playable and not broken. Cards like elite barbarians are still a menace, but i’m here to assure you that the HoBo deck is anti Elite Barbarians! . That’s right! In fact, after you get a hold of this deck, not only will you counter elite barbarians extremely EFFICIENTLY, but you will be happy if your opponent has Elite Barbarians!

So let’s start the detailed guide.

The Bowler

The Bowler is easily the most underrated card in the game.

Not only can it deal with elite barbarians extremely efficiently, but can also basically shut down a hog push. It is THAT strong. I personally would include it in every deck i create.

On defense, it can counter hog extremely efficiently, conceding at most 1 hit if placed right in front of the tower. This way you know your opponent has wasted 4 elixir and you can thus counter-push using the hog combined with goblins, or minion horde in overtime.

If your opponent drops elite barbarians, drop the bowler in the center , along with ice wizard if you wish to minimize the damage. The Ice wizard will slow down the Elite barbarians, minimising damage and allowing you to counterpush.

On offense, it is the perfect counterpush partner. elite barbs, barbarians, goblins, goblins gang, skeleton army, you name it. It can counter ALL ground units as a support unit to your hog and when combined with the Ice wizard and Zap, it is pretty much UNSTOPPABLE. And, after regular practice , you will even learn to function this deck as a Hog-cycle deck!. Yep, you heard it right!

The Hog

The hog will be the main attacking force in this deck. You can combine it with goblins for a quick push or bowler, for a high risk high yielding push, or even with the ice wizard and zap, if the enemy likes to use minion horde to counter your hog. For a quick test you may even drop a lone hog, though it might be a little risky, but this way you will surely get to know more about your opponent, like his playing style and of course his deck.


Another underrated card right here.

The goblins are one of the strongest cards in the game. They can prevent the hog from getting more than 1 shot on your tower, and are also great on defense against troops like the mini pekka, musketeer, prince , and spells like the goblin barrel , graveyard , etc.

On offense, combine them with a hog for a cheap but extremely effective push. Drop the hog first followed by the goblins such that the hog tanks for the goblins which will wreck the tower.

In do or die situations, when you know your opponent has extremely less elixir, sole goblins of a good level( If your opponent is lv10 then ‘good ‘ implies lv11 goblins) will take out a good chunk of the tower. This is because +1 level goblins take 3 shots each by the princess tower giving them ample time to attack the tower . This way you can keep pressure on your enemy, always.

Ice wizard/Princess

The ice wizard/princess will be your defense against air and a support unit for your push. I personally prefer the ice wizard due to its higher health and slowing effect, and its ability to tank air units like minions and ground units like the bowler for a longer duration as compared to the princess. However, if you are better suited to the princess you may use her as she can handle hordes better and also chip 140+ damage ( depending on her level) on the tower when dropped right on the bridge in do-or-die situations.

On offense, you can combine the ice wizard as a support unit with the hog or bowler to prevent them getting killed by air units. Keep this in mind.

On defense it is extremely versatile in do or die situations , MUCH better than the princess . It can tank 2-3 shots against the prince and basically live through a bowler attack, muketeer, wizard, electro wizard, when dropped beside your princess tower on defense.

Inferno Tower

The inferno tower is extremely important for this deck. It will be your main defense against the giant , golem, pekka, balloon , lava hound, and any of these combined.

Also it can be used to defend against smaller units like the hog, bowler, etc.

Its always to keep cycle through your deck because sometimes the card you need is the next one. Trust me. It has happened a lot with me

Minion horde

The minion horde is another strong troop that i believe is extremely crucial for this deck.

If you include the princess in your deck then your deck will be the perfect arrow/fireball “bait” deck. The idea is to make the opponent use his arrows on your princess and then hard push with the hog+ minions combined that almost guarantees wins, If you enemy has fireball, keep some gap between the hog and minion horde to prevent the fireball from consuming both, resulting in a positive elixir trade. In do-or-die situations , a “good” level( Scroll up to see the definition of “good levelled” sole minion horde can take out a full health tower . such is its strength.

On defense, It will be extremely crucial against troops like balloon, lava hound, bowler , etc . All high hitpoint ground and air units can be taken out by the minion horde in a matter of seconds.

The Spells

Every deck must have some form of direct damage in order to prevent stalemates and even losses in many cases. Spells are extremely helpful in taking out towers and troops like the 3 musketeers, electro wizard, wizard , etc.

The HoBo deck, has 2 spells.

1- Fireball
2- Arrows/Zap

The Fireball

The fireball will be your defense against hordes of troops like the minion horde in dire situations and even to damage the buildings + troops or buildings+ tower to give you positive elixir trades, which will help you win matches. When you feel that the battle is going nowhere and your opponent’s tower has <1000 health, start fireballing it. This wins matches.


The reason there is an option for them is because both have their advantages and disadvantages. Arrows will travel 33% faster after the new update and do more damage to troops( hordes) and tower than the zap, but the zap has the vital stunning effect and is the fastest damaging spell.

At tournament standards, i feel the arrows are much stronger as a zap at TS cannot take down a goblins barrel whereas arrows can. Thus, i would recommend arrows in tournaments and challenges.

However , in the ladder system, a good level zap is much better than the arrows. It’s cheaper, can take out goblins barrels and can deal with hordes of troops more effectively as well.

So guys, that was the deck. I hope you all use it and i’m sure you will like it. Wanna know more? Need more tips? Have any suggestions? Comment below!

Have a nice day. Cheers.