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Freeze Golem Rider Deck

Background Information This deck uses the push of the hog rider, a support troop, and the freeze spell.  Another push you can do is a golem plus a few supporting troops.  This deck is strong against hog rider decks but weak...

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Gear Changing Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck is centered around all the cards having good defense with good chip damage potential.  Most of the cards in this deck can be used for both sieging and defending.  This balance allows you to...

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Splash Of Death Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck was created to center around the balloon and the giant push.  With the balloon, I have decided to use the giant as the tank and the wizard or bomber as a support card.  The minions and spear...

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HogNado Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck’s bread and butter combination is sending the hog rider to attack the enemy crown tower, and when your opponent sends out troops to kill your hog rider, you place your tornado to pull the...

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Low Level Deck

BACKGROUND INFORMATION This deck is centered around the troops you get within your first few chests.  The only problem with this deck may be obtaining the goblin barrel.  If you do not get is as your epic card, just switch it...

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