In Clash Royale, there are a few different resources.  Clash Royale has the elixir, the gold, the gems, and the cards as all forms of resources.  All these resources can be accumulated while you are in Clash Royale.  This guide will help you understand each resource and what they do.

GoldGold- Gold is the main currency in Clash Royale.  Gold is the games secondary currency that is easily obtainable.  Gold can be obtained by donating cards, buying gold with gems, winning your first 20 battles in a day, and winning it from chests.  It cannot be gifted or traded to players in any way.  You get 5 gold for donating one common card to a person and you get 50 gold if you donate someone a rare card.  You can buy gold in increments of 1000 gold , 10000 gold , and 100000 gold.  They cost 60 gems, 500 gems, and 4500 gems respectively.  Regarding winning your first 20 battles in a day, you get 5 gold per win accumulating to 100 gold per day in arena  you get 7 gold per win accumulating to 140 gold per day in arena two, you get 6 gold per win accumulating to 180 gold per day in arena three, you get 11 gold per win accumulating to 220 gold per day in arena four, you get 12 gold per win accumulating to 240 gold per day in arena five, you get 14 gold per win accumulating to 280 gold per day in arena six, you get 15 gold per win accumulating to 300 gold per day in arena seven, and you get 20 gold per win accumulating to 400 gold per day in arena eight.  The final way to get gold in game is to unlock chests.  Every type of chest has a 100 percent chance of giving you gold.  Values of gold differ from arena, so an arena six magical chest would give out less gold than an arena seven magical chest.  Gold from chest can range from less that a hundred all the way to thousands of gold.
 Gems are your secondary currency in Clash Royale.  Currently, there are not many ways to obtain gems.  The three ways are though the purchasing of gems, getting gems through achievements, and getting gems from chests.  The easiest way, although most expensive way, is through buying gems.  Supercell sells them at a cost of one dollar for 80 gems, five dollars for 500 gems, ten dollars for 1200 gems, 20 dollars for 2500 gems, 50 dollars for 6500 gems, and 100 dollars for 14000 gems.  Another way you can earn gems is through achievements.  The achievement list is small and its gems rewards are small, but combined they give you quite a bit of gems.  This is a quick but not a sustaining way of getting gems.  The cheapest and easiest way to get gems is through chests though.  You can get gems from every chest you open but some chests may contain no gems.  Usually, the gems range from a scale of zero to five.  Over time, these chests that have gems can yield hundreds if not thousands of gems.

imgresCards- Cards are what create your account’s value.  There are four different rarities of cards and the rarities are common, rare, epic, and legendary.  The higher the card rarity the harder to get.  The more cards you have, the more your account is worth.  Also, the number of cards you have usually indicate how strong you are.  Cards can be obtained in three ways.  You can get them from chests, by them in the shop, and get cards by requesting for them in your clan.  Every chest contains cards and the amount of cards you receive can range from just a few to thousands.  Once the tournament chests come out, they are not out as of the posting date, you can get up to 10 15,000 cards in a single chest.  The amount of cards from a chest, like gold, is dependent on your arena level.  That means an arena six giant chest will produce less cards than an arena seven giant chest.  The next way to obtain cards are through the shop.  You get to chose from three cards every day in the shop.  On Sundays, there is a variety of six different and unique cards.  The cards cost more as you buy them and go in a linear function.  Common cards start off at two gold, rares start of at twenty gold, epics start at 2000 gold, and legendaries start off at 40000 gold.  The final way, and one of the easiest ways, is to request cards. You can request for cards every eight hours and the amount depends on your arena level.  At arena one you can request for 10 common card or 1 rare card, at arena two you can request for 10 common card or 1 rare card, at arena thee you can request for 10 common card or 1 rare card, at arena four you can request for 20 common card or 2 rare card, at arena five you can request for 20 common card or 2 rare card, at arena six you can request for 20 common card or 2 rare card, at arena seven you can request for 30 common card or 3 rare card, and at arena eight you can request for 40 common card or 4 rare card.

ExperienceExperience-  Experience can bee seen as a resource too.  The more experience you have, the higher the level of your king’s tower will be.  Experience can never be spent and can only be used for king tower upgrades.  Experience is gained by completing achievements, donating cards, and upgrading cards.  The achievements give out a small amount of experience which ends up being very little in the long run.  However, in the very beginning, it can help you get to the first few king tower levels.  Donating cards will be your most frequent way to earn experience.  The reason being is that you can always donate cards and you do not really have a wall like upgrading cards.  You just have to have the card in order to give it away.  So far I have 8000 donations which is almost the equivalent of going from the king tower level one to king tower eight.  As you can see, experience from donating cards can help you quite a bit.  The final way to gain experience is though upgrading cards.  This is another good way to get experience but because of the gold wall, when you have less gold then what it costs to upgrade everything, you are quite limited on what you will upgrade.  Usually people only upgrade what is in their deck and nothing outside of it.  This lets them save their gold for meaningful upgrades but makes the experience gained far less.  The current experience levels range from one to thirteen.

ElixirElixir- Elixir is not a resource you collect outside of battles but it is the only resource, besides cards, that you use in a battle.  During the first two minutes of a battle, you generate one elixir every three seconds.  This can be boosted if you use an elixir collector.  The main way to win battles is making advantageous elixir trades to the point where you can finally overwhelm them with your higher elixir push.  When one minute is left in the battle, double elixir starts.  At this time elixir is produced at one elixir for every one and a half seconds and can still be boosted with an elixir collector.  During overtime, the match lasts for one minute and works like double elixir.  Your and your enemy’s elixir is produced at one elixir for every one and a half seconds and can still be boosted with an elixir collector.

clash-royale-faviconClans-  Clans are a great place to get together with real life friends or make new ones.  It is also a great place to socialize and make the gaming experience a lot better.Clans can be a resource by helping gain more knowledge about different types of decks, ideas, and possibly meta breaking strategies.  Clans can also help you get cards that you may fine hard to obtain and you can return the favor to your clan mates.  You can share replays in your clan and have an easier time teaching and or learning new deck compositions.

Clash-Royale-Chest-Cycle-Super-Magical-ChestChests-  Chests are the main rewards from doing battles.  Chests can also be obtained though the shop via gems.  Currently, there is the wooden chests, the free chests, the silver chests, the gold chests, the crown chests, the magical chests, the giant chests, and the super magical chests.  Soon, there will be tournament chests.  Prizes within the chests feature coins, card, and or cards.  All chests contains gold and cards while a percentage of them do contain gems as well.  Chests have ranges of a few gold to thousands of gold.  Additionally, the cards rewards are from just a few cards up to 15,000 cards once the tournament chest comes out.