Author: W3bster

How To Grow Your Clan

So You Want To Create A Clan Like any great leader, you ask questions.  The question you have right now is how to start a clan.  Starting a clan is very easy, but managing and maintaining one is hard work.  If you don’t want to have to probably spend a little more time online to help your clan out, you might as well join an active clan.  You will get the same benefits with less work.  But if you want to be the leader of something, maybe something that will turn out great, follow this guide and you will...

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Level 8 Arena 8 Deck Spotlight: Hog Cycle

Background Information This is another one of my personal decks.  Currently, I think this is my best trophy pushing deck but is hard to use.  This deck can be hard to master and definitely  can create huge losing streaks.  Because of the potential to lose a lot in a row, it may not be for you.  This deck is very cheap so you can always be on the offensive and to always send out the hog.  The premise of this deck is to make the opponent to use all their hog counters and eventually get that hog to the...

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Level 8 Arena 8 Deck Spotlight: Defensive Rocket

Background Information This is one of my personal decks that I used at the early stages of Level 8.  When playing this deck, the user has to keep in mind how much elixir will be spent as this is a high cost deck.  Additionally, this deck is a defensive oriented, meaning most damage will come through the use of effective spells.  This deck may not be for everyone, but it has been proven to work.  Take note that this deck also goes for one Crown victories and then draws out the remaining time.  If you want to have a...

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