Hey guys, today I’m gonna talk about the 4 new cards which are going to be released during the next two months . Now keep in mind, that these cards’ gameplay has not been released by Supercell, but fortunately, thanks to a few sources of mine, I have had the chance to test these new cards. The cards are as follows:

1)Mega Knight
2)Flying Machine
3)Cannon Cart
4)Skeleton Barrel

These cards all have various attributes that make them very special and different from other cards.

So let’s get into the detailed summary of these cards, and even some pictures of their gameplay.

Note: These stats are from the developer build which might be tweaked before they are launched.

The Mega Knight

The name “Mega Knight” is pretty much enough to tell you that this card is an absolute beast. Think of a lv13 Knight multiplied by 10. That’s insane even for a legendary card.

His description reads” He lands with the force of a 1000 mustaches, then jumps from one foe to the next dealing huge area damage”.

The Mega Knight costs 6 elixir.
As you can see from the picture, at max level, the Mega Knight has a MASSIVE 4818 Hit points, similar to a Golem.
It deals 350 area damage per swing, which can be compared to one Bomber shot, which means he can one shot most feeble troops like the Goblins, Archers, Dart Goblin, etc, and can kill Barbarians in just 3 shots.

He can be compared to the Dark Prince, only stronger in EVERY aspect, which is justified by his name. Can’t complain really. His hit speed is 1.8 seconds.

Moreover, he deals damage when spawned, 700 to he precise, just like the Electro Wizard. This basically allows him to kill many troops, without even having to swing once.

His max level stats make me suspect of it as just another troll card made by the internet, like the super Pekka. But having played with it myself, i can assure you it’s as real as it gets. The only weakness you could think about is obviously 1) Air and 2) Super Tanks like Pekka. But with it being cheaper than the Pekka, one has to think that The Mega Knight will take over the Meta .

It can be literally a game breaking card if combined with some air units and a ground support and/or Fireball/Arrows.

In game Snaps-

I have a strong feeling though, that the Mega Knight will be nerfed before it is released, because it was simply too strong in the developer build.

The Skeleton Barrel

The Skeleton Barrel is another interesting card released by Supercell. The card is similar to Skeleton Traps in Clash of Clans where it deals with air or ground troops. Well, in Clash Royale, The Skeleton Barrel is a Barrel that flies like the Balloon with a certain health. After the Balloon is destroyed, the barrel drops to the ground and breaks, releasing a certain amount of Skeletons, 8 to be exact.

I found the Skeleton Barrel to be pretty overpowered at times as:

1) It can be used to distract enemy troops and then kill them in a what can be called a very evasive attack.

2} It can itself be used as a support unit in combination with Tanks , Even Mini Tanks like the Musketeer or Mini Pekka. It is just that interesting to use! You never know what the players come up with, and this card has great potential to dominate the meta at a cost of 3 elixir.

3) Even though it releases half the number of Skeletons at the same cost of Skeleton Army, I strongly believe it will take over the meta, due to its versatility.

4)The Skeleton Barrel targets Buildings. Meaning that he could be pretty overpowered against taking out Buildings, especially the Inferno Tower.

5 An unattended Skeleton Barrel can deal up to 1800 damage at max level! That’s insane really. Pro Tip: Never leave it unattended, as you can see from the picture below:



Possible Combos

1)Skeleton Barrel+ Goblin Barrel + Princess

2)Skeleton Barrel + Giant + Witch

3) Skeleton Barrel + Graveyard + Baby Dragon.

The truth is, because of its uniqueness, the combinations that can be derived from the Skeleton Barrel are a lot. We can only speculate. Thumbs up to Supercell for the innovative idea, though.

The Flying Machine

The Flying Machine is a troop derived from another popular Supercell game called Clash of Clans. Funny enough, it has not been released yet in either games; only teased. The description reads: “The Master Builder has sent his first contraption to the Arena! It’s a fast and fun Flying machine, but fragile!”.

The Flying Machine is similar to the Balloon. Both are air units . However, it is very different in it’s features. The Flying Machine targets both air and ground units; whereas the Balloon only targets BUILDINGS. Moreover, the Flying Machine is a ranged units, that shoots cannon balls. At the cost of 4 elixir, it provides a lot of value with a massive range of 6 tiles. I believe it will be very effective against dealing with slow ground tanks like Knight, Valkyrie, Ice Golem,etc and Air Tanks like Baby Dragon, Inferno Dragon, Mega Minion, Princess, etc. The Flying Machine will also be able to take out a max minion in 2 seconds. With it’s range, that is really great. This card will however be susceptible to fast moving ground units, as it won’t be able to deal with them effectively.

Overall,the Card seems pretty well balanced, mainly because of the increasing Night Witch and Golem usage. The card felt pretty smooth on the developer build. The artwork is very good. It has rotating wings and somewhat like a crate with a cannon in between. It has the ability to take over the place of Mega Minion in the Meta, particularly because of its excellent ability to deal with the majority of troops in the similar elixir range. It can deal with the Night Witch quite easily given his 1 second hit speed and 6 tile range. The Era of the Night Witch will soon be over. Hang in there guys!


Cannon Cart

The Cannon Cart is by far the most intriguing card of this batch. It has so much depth, so much into it, that is just fantastic to see. Extremely great job Supercell.

The Cannon Cart is another addition into the Area from Clash of Clans. Unlike the Flying Machine, however, it has been released in Clash of Clans and is pretty strong there too. It’s description reads :”A Cannon on wheels?! Bet they wont see that coming! Once you break it’s shield, it becomes a cannon not on wheels”.

At max level, the Cannon Cart has 1101 Hitpoints Along iwth 1101 Sheild Hitpoints. It deals 245 damage per second, and 295 per attack, as it’s hit speed is 1.2 seconds. It can only attack ground units, just like its brother- Cannon.
When it CAN move, it’s speed is fast.

The Cannon Cart has 2 phases, just like the description says:

The First Stage: This is the stage when you just drop the Cannon Cart and it has a shield. At this stage it can move freely in the lane where you drop it. It has a fast speed, so it will be pestering. As it is a troop initially, IT WONT PULL TANKS like Golem and Hog which attack buildings. This is also the stage where it is not suseptible to Hard-Hitters like The Pekka, the Dark Knight, the Mega Knight,etc. due to it’s shield. At this stage it is truly a cannon cart.

The Second Stage: This is the stage which comes after the shield of the Cannon cart is destroyed. This is the stage where the Cannon cart is just a Cannon. Thus it essentially becomes a building, and stays right where the shield gets destroyed, be it at the bridge, right on the tower,or in the middle of your lane. Since it becomes a building, it will then also attract troops over towards it, especially the defense- targeting buildings. This 2 phase life of the Cannon Cart will bring in more skilled gameplay into the arena and allow for more interesting usages to come in. Once again, great job done by the card creators.

One possible strategy can be to drop the Cannon in the middle of your side when an enemy mini tank like the Dark Prince comes. This will give you 2 benefits. The Carted-cannon will take down the Dark Prince with at most its shield taken out, making it a regular cannon, which will then serve as a normal defensive card, as you can see from the image below. For the cost of 5 elixir, that is absolutely insane value, comparable to the Three Musketeers.

One thing is for certain,these batch of new cards will revolutionize the game, for the better or for the worse.I’m super stoked for these cards to get released and I’m sure so are you guys.I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into the new cards. Have any questions? Comment Below! I’ll be back with another article soon. Cheers!