Hey guys, today we are gonna look at leaks and sneak peaks related to the upcoming update in Clash Royale.

Note: this includes information about the upcoming cards (not released yet) as well as new game modes in challenges along with some information about the new 2v2 battle mode already launched.

New Game Mode- 2v2 Ladder


Although 2v2 was released about 2 month ago, it was limited to friendly battles that too not against your teammates but against others. It also did not yield any rewards.

Well, all that has been changed.
Supercell has released a “2v2 LADDER, where you can play with either your clan mate against players all around the world, or you can randomly find a match thanks to a separate button as shown in the picture below:

What’s more, you can play
Although as you can, see there is a timer, Supercell has plans of making this 2v2 Ladder mode permanent. Moreover, you even get chests in a mode where, as of now, you don’t even lose trophies! This update will surely go big into the future, as quoting the lines from Reddit.

“The button will initially be available for 7 days – as a test run to make sure it all works correctly
Providing everything works, which we’re anticipating it will, we plan to bring the button back for the entirety of July (aka, “Summer of 2v2”)
Our goal with this week and month-long 2v2 button fiesta is to see how you, the players, feel about it and ultimately decide whether or not it should become a permanent feature of Clash Royale – and if so, in what form?
This is the big question we’ll be asking ourselves after the “Summer of 2v2″, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think on the forums or Reddit!”

New Deck Slots

Due to the huge number of game modes, namely Ladder , Grand Challenge, Classic Challenge, 2v2 Ladder, 2v2 friendly, and many more game modes in the form of occasional events like double elixir challenge, etc, Supercell has finally acknowledged the need for more deck slots. So, 2 additional deck slots have been added, taking the overall tally to 5, which should be enough for all the modes.

Four New Cards!

Supercell is continuing it’s new card release cycle, with this round of cards being :

New Legendary Card: Mega Knight
New Epic Card: Cannon Cart
New Rare Card: Flying Machine
New Common Card: Skeleton Barrel

These cards will be released over the summer, probably with a gap of 2 weeks in between, giving ample time to the average player to test and learn these cards.

Each new card will launch with a Special Challenge!

Thanks to a few sources I have managed to find gameplay footage as well as had the opportunity to test ALL these new cards. I will be making another article on these cards which will cover countering, pushing , etc . All this Way before these cards are released. Not a bad time to be alive!

For now what i can definitely tell you is that Mega Knight And Skeleton Barrel are REALLY good cards, with Cannon Cart and Flying Machine not far behind them. All these cards will surely change the meta hopefully for the better. I’m sure everyone is bored of the current meta.

Miscellaneous/Bonus Info

1). Invite friends to your Clash Royale friends list (a social media connection is no longer required to have in-game friends!)

2). Invite friends directly to your Clan

3).Clans now unlock at Level 1 (card requests still unlock at Level 3)

4). Copy decks from TV Royale and shared replays

5.)New Challenges coming: “Sudden Death”, “Ramp Up” and “Triple Elixir”
Keep an eye out for the golden notification on the Tournaments tab!

Sudden Death- The First person to win a crown wins. It’s like overtime, all the time!
Be sure to rev up with your 1 crown decks!

Ramp up:
This Challenge will have 3 stages- Stage #1= Minute 1-2
This will be like a normal match where the Elxiir speed will be normal(x1)

Stage #2= Minute 3- In the third minute too just like a normal match the elixir speed will become twice (x2)

Stage #3- Overtime
This is where things get interesting. The elixir speed will become thrice!(x3)

Triple Elixir- This is similar to Double Elixir challenge, but, well you guessed it, It’s 3 times elixir speed all the time!

These challenge will be extremely interesting to see. Only time will tell how this update affects the gameplay.

6). Cards will now cycle through the shop in a 3 month cycle. This effectively means that you have a chance to buy all the cards from the shop every 3 months.

That’s it for this round of update talk. I hope it was informative. I’ll be back shortly with gameplay pictures and guides on the new cards that have been announced.

Feel free to ask anything in the comments.
Till then, clash on!