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Clash Royale is ready to move to the next era of gaming, and as the developers promised, a lot has been going inside the Clash Royale development team over the past few months. They promised to bring revolutionary changes to the game in October, and so far, they seem to be holding it up pretty well.

Dubbed as the biggest update ever since the game released globally back in march 2017, the update includes TONS of new stuff, in a bid to capture a wider player base than ever before, including  balance tweaks to card decks, and chat and rematch options with 2v2 teammates too. Don’t believe me? Check out the reveal trailer that was uploaded a few days ago:

Epic Quests Update Trailer

In a recent radio royale interview, the developers explained how they came up with the idea of a new mode called touchdown, gold rush, and quests. They said that they wanted to make something interesting and capturing, where you simply could not come back, just like in the touchdown mode. They also thought about adding occasional events such as gold rush where you could get gold and gems every time you took down a tower and quests to keep the balance in the game.

Gold Rush


Gold Rush events occur at random every few weeks inside of the game, lasting less than a week, usually 3-4 days. Players can collect upto 5000 gold. The concept is going to be in ladder mode so no easy 2v2! The towers will have gold skins , indicating gold ready to be looted.

When you destroy an arena tower, you get +100 gold.

When you destroy the second arena tower, you get +200 gold.

And finally, destroying the king tower will yield +300 gold, taking the total earning per match upto 600 gold. Pretty neat, right? Moreover, you will still get the =+20 gold from winning the battle.

Gem Rush

Gem rush is also pretty similar to gold rush, where instead of gold, you will get gems for destroying tower. The exact values aren’t known yet, but watch this space for updates. I’m personally very excited for the gem rush events as there is finally a way to earn gems in game, similar to obstacles in Clash of Clans.

Miscellaneous Updates

  1. Remember that time when in 2v2 you destroyed the enemy and had no way of ever contacting them again, or even ask for a rematch with your own pair? Well, long gone are those days, because with this new update right after you finish a match you can ask the opponent pair for a rematch, moreover with new emotes!  There are about 50 emotes, out of which about 15 are selected at random for a chat, including “Join my clan” A good substitute for global chat, I guess.
  2. Casual Challenges: Level 5 and higher can join casual challenges that occur occasionally , where you don’t lose! Wait, what? That’s right, you could just play endless times and lose endless times, all you have to do is win 6 times and still it will always take you to the max reward. It can be entered only once, and is a sort of a warm-up before the real challenges. Moreover, the rewards are pretty nice, including giant chests at 6 wins.
  3. You can finally play challenges with your friends! No more losing because of matching up with random people that still use cards like sparky. Just kidding. This feature is confirmed for casual challenges but might not be there for the real challenges. Watch this space for updates.


Now, let’s discuss about the game mode.

To add to the spice and competiveness of the gaming industry, Supercell have launched a completely new mode inside of the game, called ” Touchdown”.  The basics of this mode are pretty complicated, but it just makes the concept more fun to play.

As you can see from the picture, this mode has no arena or king towers, its just a level playing field, much like American football where you have to get the “ball” , in this case, any troop across the field over to the other side .

Each play can drop his/her troop only at the area circled. exceptions are spells and troops like miner, graveyard which can be dropped at the halfway line.  The winning condition is simple; whoever gets his/her troop first towards the opponent’s “base” wins. There are 3-5 rounds and whoever wins the most rounds wins the match. Pretty simple, huh? Not really. The catch here becomes that even a single troops if it reaches the end will win the match for your opponent, so you need to constantly have something on each lane to protect it and at the same time you need to focus on getting your own troops across. This makes for some really cool strategies and plays. A good job done by Supercell here.



Note: Some achievements were absolutely ridiculous and thus supercell has removed achievements with the release of this update. Quests moreover are pretty much the same as achievements, only more yielding and exciting.

Quests have been the cry of the majority of the players in the game, including me. The game felt pretty boring without having an incentive to play, or something more competitive that would  make the players put in the extra hours of hard work and grinding. Well, quests have finally come to the game, and the concept too is pretty feisty.



As you can see, there will be a quest tab on your screen where you can see what all quests you have. Each player will get 2-3 daily quests , and if he doesn’t like one of them he can exchange it for some other quest ( limit of one per day).  Completing each quest will give you some “quest points” which fill up a bar which once filled will reap rewards like golden chest, magical chest, super magical chest, etc. Keep in in mind though, that reaching the super magical threshold will require some real grinding. Its not gonna be cakewalk, so don’t whine about it.

What’s more, is that there will be daily rewards, which increase in intensity after every successive day you log in.

For example, as you can see from the picture, on day 1, you get 11 free common cards, followed by 110 gold on day 2, followed by 5 gems on day 3, and so on.

Wait, where are the free chests gone?

Don’t worry, the free chests are not being removed. Instead, they have been moved to the quest tab on the top left of the screen, and will give you+5 quest points when opened .The response from the gaming community however, has been pretty mixed, with people liking the concept a lot but feel like supercell have added that “unfairness” to the quests concept. Here are a couple of reviews by redditors:

Andrew says: “The quest system was what made me quit hearthstone. I have limited time to play, and I can only really play a couple times a week. This kind of change hits players like me the most. You take away my free chests and you take away most of my progression, since that’s how I get a lot of cards and gold. Then, in the limited time I do get to play, I have to make a choice: play the deck I want to play or put together some deck that’s designed to throw away rating to pump out the quests as fast as I can so I can get a bit of my card income back and then go back to the decks I want to do. And that’s just a sucky, un-fun choice to make.
Please don’t take away my free chest. I already have plenty of trouble with crown chests because my favourite deck (x-bow) is terrible for getting crowns. Don’t throw casual players like me under the bus.”

Midnight light says: Crown chests.
What this really does is stop those people who log on twice a day to request and open free chests. It promotes activity- if you don’t play Ladder, 2v2 or Challenges your progress will be 120 common cards a day. It might not be the best solution but the point of removing free chests was certainly to promote more activity and playing competitive matches if players want to progress further.

Luckily for the gaming community, the developers have said that this is only version 1.0 for quests and thus they are very open to all kinds of feedback, so one can surely expect the quests system to be revamped here and there from time to time during these initial days.

One thing is for sure though. This update has been one of the biggest, if not THE  biggest ever since Clash Royale was released back in 2016. This also signals that the developers are very serious about clash royale and we can expect many more exciting thing to come over the winters. Hope you guys enjoyed this article covering the epic update. For any suggestions/ queries, feel free to comment. Peace out.