Clash Royale, or CR, is a action packed strategy game which involves the rotation of eight cards with the use of ten elixir at your disposal. The game requires players to use their elixir wisely to attack and defend against opposition with this ten elixir limitation, making the game very interesting. I highly recommend watching the higher level arenas fight to learn the basic mechanics of the game.

I will be specifying this guide to beginners of the game, currently at arenas 1 and 2. This guide will include deck combinations, tips for battles and overall tips for the game of Clash Royale.

This guide will be highly based on my past experience on the game. I highly recommend you try out every card, there might be one I like that you didn’t or one that you like and I didn’t.

Quick General Tip:
1. If you click a card for a while without placing it, you will get the cards stats!


Training Arena:


Training Arena is a fairly easy moment of the game, just the tutorial for the game. Here they try to teach you the basics of this fast paced game; you will also receive 10 starting cards, which will be the cards you start your Clash Royale journey with. This game has a good amount of luck included! Do not get frustrated if you do not get a card you wanted, you will most likely just receive it later in the game.
Epics and Rares Review:
Giant: Tank card in this range of the game, I’d say it is vital for most decks in this arena.
Musketeer: A high hitting ranged troop, good against the Dragon (which a good amount of people say its over powered at arenas 1 and 2)
Mini Pekka: Costs1 Elixir more than the Knight, and is faster at running. Hits 325 at level 1, but has a 1.8 sec delay per attack, compared to the 1.1 of the Knight.
Fireball: Very used card at this level of the game. It is good for getting damage to a troop placed behind the Crown Tower, and one of the towers. I recommend never to use it directly against a tower which does not have troops close to it, unless you can take the tower out.
Prince: Probably the best epic for these arenas, has a very powerful charge and if unleaded can hit ridiculous damage, it is very easily distracted with low cost troops if nothing helping him though, so it is counterable.
Skeleton Army: Not an attacking troop, does very good damage to a tank. DO NOT use if there is a Valkyrie, Dragon or a Bomber behind the tank.
Dragon: Very good epic at these levels, can hit a lot of troops in one shot at these arenas, very weak against musketeer though.
Witch: A good epic which is most effective behind a tank, you could use it as your push behind a Giant. Spawns 3 skeletons which will keep other troops distracted on them.

Deck Combinations and Deck Strategies:

In this particular region, its mostly about throwing cheap troops behind your main tanking troop. The Giant will be your main tanking force in this deck, which means you will need to send range or splash damage troops behind the Giant, which include Musketeer, Archers or Bomber. The Giant will receive all of the tower’s damage, while the range troops can inflict more damage to the tower. These ranged troops behind the Giant will wipe out any troops that are thrown to defend against giant, while the Giant will target the tower directly, inflicting serious damage. Remember always to be careful with elixir! If you commit too much on an offensive push, you might not have enough to defend!
Note: For a good Giant push, it is best recommended you throw it behind your Crown Tower. This will allow you to recover most of your elixir back, before the Giant even crosses to the opponents side of the map.



Arena 1:


Arena 1 is probably the most interesting arena for any new player, as many inexperienced players decide to leave the game because of the lack of wins. But do not worry! I will be trying to cover as much as I can, and I am sure someone in the comments will cover something if I do not.

This arena has a couple of game changing cards in my opinion, and some I still use today at Arena 7 constantly. At this arena, defending becomes a bit harder, especially because of the goblins mobility and the goblin barrel’s range of attack.

Epics and Rares Review:


Goblin Hut: Basically a Spear Goblin Spawner, 4.9 second per deployment. It can be good to push down a lane with a tank up front as more and more spear goblins will be protected by the giant.
Valkyrie: A very good card which can be used on defense and offense for just 4 elixir. The speed of the Valkyrie is medium though, have to be smart using it on offense! A very good tip to make her run quicker is just to place regular goblins behind her, as they will push her to the tower.


Lighting: Not the most used card at this level of the game, good against spawner decks later on in the game though.
Goblin Barrel: This can be a very lethal epic if left unattended! Can be dealt with arrows though.

Deck Combinations and Deck Strategies:

On this arena, it is very important you now have the basics of attacking and defending. On this arena you will especially learn how to start a counter-attacks against your opponent.



Basic Counter-Attacks Example:

Your opponent throws a Giant with Archers behind it, and you need to defend it. My most recommended strategy (which is also used by higher levels on the game) is throwing a high hitting troop in front of the Giant (In this case mini pekka or Valkyrie) and a fast hitting troop behind it to kill the troops in support (Knight or Goblins should do the work)

Note: If the opponent also throws a Bomber, do not throw goblins since they will be killed in 1 shot!

Note 2: Goblin barrel is very effective if not defended. Arrows or a Valkyrie are the best counters at these level.

Arena 2:

Arena 2 was for me the hardest arena for me when I started my Clash Royale game because I was still not accustomed to the new cards which had been unlocked, slowly but surely! In this arena you start unlocking cards which hit very high, Bomb Tower on defense and Giant Skeleton or Balloon on offense.

On this arena there are way too many effective combinations to play, it depends on your own liking! Remember mine were just a few tips! You can use the overall comments below for better decks at this range of the game! You could also use the reviews as an overall deck helper.

Note: Remember that these reviews are based on my experience in the game, maybe you will like cards that I didn’t, or vice versa. I still recommend you try out everything!

Deck Combinations:

Epics and Legendaries Review:


Tombstone: Spawns skeletons, not the most effective in offense unless it has a good tank up front. Good defensively though. Spawns 4 skeletons once destroyed.
Bomb Tower: A very effective defensive troop, can destroy a big amount of cards in just few hits.


Giant Skeleton: A good tank, which is distracted with low cost troops, but when someone puts a splash damage troop behind it, it is very effective. One destroyed it drops a bomb which does massive damage; don’t let it close to your tower!
Balloon: A very good card which will target directly the tower just like the Giant, but in the air.