This deck is centered around all the cards being red  I made what I think is the most viable deck considering all the red cards available in the game.  I have tested this deck at around 4000 trophies and had about a 50% win rate in 10 games.  Even though this is a small sample size, I felt that my deck was fairly strong through all the matches.  The hardest decks that I went were the decks focused on a high health tank like the golem or lava hound in addition to either the zap spell or freeze spell.  Those resetting spells will completely destroy your infernal tower defense and they will steam roll you pretty easily.  Luckily I did not have to fight against those decks that much.


The average elixir cost for this deck is 4.1 elixir  and the following cards used are:


Giant-  The giant is the first tank you unlock in the game.  It has a rarer brother called the royal giant.  However, the giant has a melee range unlike his brother.  Also, the giant is a lot stronger health point wise.  The main strategy with the giant in this deck is to spawn him in the very back of your side of the map.  This will let you regenerate some more elixir before your push gets to the enemy’s side of the bridge.  The best way to deal with a defending minion horde is to use your musketeer and the spa sp3ll on them.  The zap will help you bring down the minion horde’s minions down to very little health and allow the musketeer to one shot each minion, making it a very fast killer. The best things to support your push with is with the musketeer and the mini pekka or the Valkyrie.  This will let you be able to counter the minion horde, the baby dragon, or the regular three elixir minions because the musketeer can attack them.  Also, you have the ability to counter the barbarians very well because the Valkyrie does ground splash damage.  It will only take a few swings from the Valkyrie to kill the whole group of defending barbarians.  If the Valkyrie or the musketeer get to the tower, you will deal out some heavy damage.

Lumberjack- The lumber jack is a weird troop as it is worth more dead that alive.  The rage spell is extremely useful because when enraged, both the giant and the Valkyrie will do tons of damage to the enemy tower.  However you need to make the lumber jack live long enough so it can deploy the rage spell upon death so it touches the enemy crown tower.  Because of this, I suggest you put the lumberjack in the front of the push, followed by the giant, then the Valkyrie following at the rear.  I suggest this order because the lumberjack will tank the first bits of damage so it can die relatively quickly and let you use the full form of the rage spell.  The the giant is right after the lumberjack so it will take the damage right after it dies.  Then the Valkyrie is behind the giant so it is safe to do damage while the giant does the tanking.  Enraged by the lumberjack’s death, the giant will pound the enemy’s crown tower to pieces.  The Valkyries AOE damage will also kill any of your opponent’s defending troops in addition to weakening your opponent’s crown tower.

Valkyrie-  The Valkyrie, even though it has a slow movement speed but makes up for it in raw damage.  The Valkyrie also only costs four elixir which is fairly cheap.   Also, if you put her in front of your furnace, your opponent will have a very hard time pushing into your base.  Instead of their usual barbarians, skeletons, spear goblins, or regular shank goblins, they have to think of some other way to  push into your base.  This is because your Valkyrie, now acting as a splash damage tank for your weaker troops and will kill any of those counters extremely quick.  If they place a high health troop down, you can easily kite them with all your small troops.  The fire spirits would not only help clear any skeletons, spear goblins, barbarians, archers, or regular shank goblins even faster by help supporting the Valkyrie, but the fire spirits can also counter any air troops.  Without fire spirits in your push, our assault can be easily taken out by the minion horde or be somewhat countered by the three elixir minions.  With the fire spirits, the three elixir minions will be reduced to nothing and the minion horde will be reduced to a single, half health minion.  Having these two troops to defend will make your base extremely strong and very hard to push into.  The Valkyrie is extremely durable against most troops because she has high damage and a good amount of health.  The Valkyrie can tear through the barbarians, the goblins, the spear goblins, the skeletons, the archers, and hut spam strategies.  However, the Valkyrie only attacks group troops so she will be extremely weak against the three elixir minions, the minion horde, and the baby dragon.

Fire Spirits-  The fire spirits are your other splash damage card.  The reason why they are not your only splash damage card is because they die when they give out damage.  This makes it hard for them to support a push all the way through because once they run into a troop, they no longer can support your push.  However, their damage is insane for only two elixir.  Their damage exceeds 500 and can be put out all withing one second.  This lets the fire spirits easily kill bunched up troops very easily like skeletons, spear goblins, and the regular goblins.  It can take out equal level spear goblins, skeletons, or regular shank goblins with only one out of the three fire spirits that are present.  This means that this one card that only costs two elixir can kill all three of those cards costing a combined total of five elixir.  The fire spirits can also nearly take down barbarians to the grave.  The fire spirits can make the barbarian’s health points go so low that your arena tower can finish them off with out taking any damage.  This gives you a three elixir value and a great quick reaction counter to swarm troops.  The fire spirits can also help strengthen your anti air defense against any minions or minion hordes.  However, they do not do well against higher health air troops like the lava hound or the balloon because they lack sustained damage.  The fire spirits do not do well against high health singular targets like the pekka, prince, or balloon.  They also are countered by the zap spell.  It does a so so job against troops that have medium health like the mini pekka, musketeer, and wizard.


Fireball- The fireball is an important card in your deck.  In a desperate situation, you can destroy barbarians or a minion horde very quickly.  Since the ice wizard can do this job for a better elixir value, you should only use the fireball on those troops if you need them dead in an instant, i.e. they are right next to your tower.  Also, if you have level nine arrows and your opponent has a level three or four princess, your arrows won’t take her out.  If this situation happens to you, your fireball will always to the job.  The fireball is also the best option to take out the triple musketeers.  Combined with arrows, this combo can completely destroy high level triple musketeers.  Also, because of the May 3rd update, making the elixir collector lose 20% health, and the May 18th update, causing the elixir collector to lose 9% more health, the fireball can now actually counter the elixir collector very well.  You can basically may an even trade elixir wise and do a medium amount of chip damage to the tower.  A good combo in addition to the elixir collector and tower is that if you hit other troops with that same fireball, you will come out ahead in terms of elixir.

Poison Spell- The poison spell is a huge area of effect spell that persists for 10 seconds.  This is a pretty good card against hut spamming decks because instead of instant damage like the fireball, the poison spell lasts for a lot longer.  This allows you to kill more spawned skeletons, spear goblins, or barbarians,  The poison spell also slows enemy troops which can help to slow down an enemy push.  This can be helpful if they have a giant push with tons of troops.  This allows the enemy’s troops to group up and then let you have enough time to deploy your fire spirits or your bomb tower.  The slowness of the poison spell will allow your fire spirits to either kamikaze the enemy group of troops or for your bomb tower to chuck a few bombs down and decimate the enemy push.  The poison spell is in your deck to slow down enemy pushes so you have time to prepare and kill the push on your side of the map or to help counter enemies who have hut spanning hiding behind their towers.  The poison spell easily counters all huts, and small troops like the goblins, the spear goblins, the goblin gang, the dart goblins, the minions, the minion horde, the skeleton army and the bats.


Inferno Tower Clash Royale WikiInferno Tower-  The inferno tower is your first defensive tower.  Because this deck lacks single target damage when you face golems, giants, lava hounds, hog riders, or royal giants.  The inferno tower allows you to focus down the enemy’s tanks and allows your defense to become a lot stronger.  Because of this, you should save your inferno tower until your know all the cards in your opponent’s deck.  If they do not have any major tanks, you can use the inferno tower whenever you want.  If they do have a major tank like the golem or the lava hand, never use the infernal tower until they spawn that troop.  If you use the infernal tower for something that is not that troop, you will not be able to defend from their push when they do use their big tank.  The inferno tower should always be saved until its an absolute need to because of have valuable the card is to your deck.  The inferno tower is good vs the cards like golems, giants, lava hounds, hog riders, and royal giants.  It is pretty much useless vs any other card because the time to kill a swarm is too high.  If you face the swarm or low health troops, it would have more impact to just use your bomb tower.

Bomb Tower-This card is what I would call your foundation defense.  If its in your hand, play it once you get max Elixir.  This card provides big value on defense and can help intimidate your opponent from an aggressive assault.  This card also works magic against any hut spammers, the barbarians, the hog rider and any goblin pushes.  Against the barbarians, the bomb tower can unleash enough bombs to be able to kill all four of the barbarians without even being swung at.  Against the hog rider, the bomb tower will easily destroy the enemy hog rider but be careful that you do not do this trade that often.  Your opponents hog rider costs only four elixir while your bomb tower costs a whopping five elixir.  This gives you a negative elixir trade and that is why I would recommend you to use your tombstone when countering an enemy hog rider.  The bomb tower is better suited at countering the royal giant because its extremely high health can provide a huge distraction while other troops can damage and kill the enemy’s royal giant.  You can also wait until the royal giant crosses the bridge and then place your bomb tower down so it is within range of the royal giant.  This will make the bomb tower have multiple purposes as being the damage sponge for your arena or crown tower and also help damage the enemy royal giant.  Also, if your opponent supported their push with goblins, barbarians, or some other ground troops, the bomb tower can also kill those troops while killing the royal giant.  The bomb tower can work well in this deck and is perfect because it has a skeleton on top of this tower.  The bomb tower costs five elixir and stays with the theme of an all skeleton deck.The opponent may also send out a minion horde to destroy the bomb tower.  Sending your own arrows to kill the Minion Horde will not only protect the precious tower, but also let you gain an Elixir advantage.  Since no Elixir Collector is present, this card, when on the field, will give you a little Elixir defense bonus.  This also works well as a tank since its health points are very high,  like any building after the May Third update, you should be weary if the opponent has a Royal Giant as it can out range most defensive buildings.