Introduction to the Deck


Hey guys, as you all know, the june balance update was released yesterday, on the 21st, and it had some interesting changes in it. The Witch got buffed, along with the Prince, and many others. This deck that i am gonna tell you guys about basically revolves around a lot of the cards that were buffed in the update, like the furnace, the prince , and the witch. It is extremely good against ALL kinds of decks, and i haven’t really found a real weakness to this deck yet. Of course every deck has a weakness and this will have as well, but in my opinion it is a pretty well balanced deck overall. You might lose a tower, but this deck is all about coming back from behind. Let’s Move onto the cards and how they affect the deck.

The HARD Hitters

These are the cards that are your main pushing force. You will have to create combos using them. They are:



The Prince is Arguably the MAIN hard-hitter in your deck. He got a 9% damage increase in the latest balance update, and, though it may not seem too much, it actually is. Every damage counts. Take it like this, now, for every hit he swings,  he will do 17-30 more damage( depending on the level). Thats over 100 damage per push, enough to eliminate those 1-1 draws just because you couldn’t finish that tower having 100 hitpoints remaining. Alone, the prince wont do much, which is why you have to back him up with the dark prince and witch to create a deadly combo. The Witch for dealing with air units  more than ground, because ground units have higher Hitpoints generally. But worry not, because you have the dark prince to deal with those pesky barbarians.

Dark Prince


The Dark Prince is one of the most underrated cards in the game right now, and is considered to be more of  support unit than a hard hitter. However, if left alone, or even if dealt with low cost troops ( which he will kill in 1 shot due to his splash damage) he can deal over a thousand damage, just for 4 elixir! Certainly good enough for him to be considered a hard hitter.  Combine him with the witch and/or prince to create a great combo, certainly enough to make the enemy waste his elixir.

Support Staff



The Witch was a very “underwhelming” card earlier in this game, due to her expensive cost and ineffectiveness, and also due to the wizard being a better alternative, thanks to his cheaper cost, higher damage, and higher effectiveness against hordes of troops. The Witch really needed a buff. Well, she got that in yesterday’s balance change, giving her a 17% damage boost, giving her the ability to kill the minion horde in 3 shots instead of 4, which is a big buff. Anyway, back to the point, the importance of the witch in this deck cannot be stressed enough. She is the one who will aid you on defence as well as offence. On offensive you need to combine her with the 2 other hard hitters, the prince and the dark prince, to create a deadly unstoppable combo. She can quickly deal with horde of troops that the enemy will drop in your path. Surely now she is worth the heavy 6 elixir cost.



The princess helps a lot when in the support place. Her cheap cost makes her available almost every time, to deal with anything that the enemy might throw at you. The best part is that she fits in all decks! Be it minion horde, barbarians, or other low cost units, the princess is the cheapest and the most effective counter to them.

Elixir Pump

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The elixir pump is a very important part of this deck.  This deck, being as 3.9 average elixir deck, may not necessarily need the elixir pump, but it’s presence surely makes it much more stronger. It’s ability to produce 2 more elixir than it costs makes it very effective when using high elixir-cost decks. Your basic aim must be to quickly drop the elixir pump, and if you do not have it in your hand when the battle starts, cycle it into your hand. You should always aim to maintain the elixir advantage, as it is very important  when using this deck. The elixir pump acts as a support unit though it does not have any physical use, is because it will pump elixir to help you create bigger and stronger pushes, which is the key to mastering this deck.


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The furnace, just like the witch, needed a slight buff to make it for viable. Well it got that, and saw it’s lifetime increased back to 50 seconds, which was a very good change. The furnace is also a VERY crucial element off this deck. It is excellent not only on defence but also on offence, and is definitely an excellent support card. It keeps spawning a pair of fire spirits that will aid you in you massive push to chip off more health of the troops that the enemy drops to defend, and speaking of defend, will be very helpful in dealing with hordes of troops when you have almost no elixir. The best part about the furnace in my opinion is it’s extremely cheap cost and the value that one gets for that.  The Witch Double Prince deck will definitely be incomplete without this magnificent card.

Defensive Wall



Well , if you read my articles regularly, you will know that every deck of mine is incomplete  without the goblins. In my opinion they are the best cards for defense, especially now that the skeletons got nerfed. If carefully placed, they can limit the hog rider to one shot, and do a commendable job of fending off the mini pekka, prince, among others. These troops will be almost always available to you, due to their cheap cost of 2 elixir. That is their beauty. They may seem adorable, but are the main troop that bring out the rage in your enemies.

Chip Off Squad

These are the cards that will help you finish off the enemy’s tower in case of extreme emergencies. Remember, these cards can win you the game many a times!


The beauty of the princess is that she can be dropped right on the river, which will make her target the opponent’s crown tower almost instantly, which almost certainly will guarantee you 2 hits, resulting in a missive 240 damage dealt , that too a level one. Do this a couple of times and that’s over 500 damage dealt!


Arrows are a card that can be used on defense, support , and of course to finish of your enemy’s tower. But the reason i did not include it in any of the three is because the deck is such that you do not need the arrows on defense or support unless in extreme situations. You have the witch, the furnace, and the princess to deal with hordes of troops, which makes the arrows more like a replaceable card, with the fireball maybe. However, in clutch situations, arrows definitely do win the game.

Important Note to the readers:-

It is VERY important to know that each and every card can be used in all positions, but i have divided the deck into the 4 types to make it more easier for the readers to understand the ideal scenario, the ideal and the best place for each unit to be in, which will surely help you in operating this deck.

I hope you guys liked this deck.

Keep clam and clash on!