Month: August 2017

Best Tips to Win the Champion Challenge

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss about something very important. The champion challenge has finally arrived inside of the game, with the stakes being very high. Winning the challenge guarantees a place in this year’s CCGS championships . With the prize pool being around $1000000, the challenge is a must play. Millions of players from all around the world will be competing in the challenge in an attempt to win it all. So let’s get into the best tips to win the challenge! The Challenge The challenge will last 5 days, from 16th august to 21st august....

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Balance Changes – 8/11

Hey guys, it’s time for another round of balance changes. Finally. It’s been a few months since the last balance change came and this was mainly due to the fact that so many new items were getting added in game. This time Supercell has taken a very different approach on various cards, and there are not that many cards that are being tweaked. So let’s get into them! The Nerfs:  Every round of balance change is accompanied by some nerf, which is done by toning down various cards. 1) The Night Witch: The Night Witch is getting absolutely destroyed. Her...

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Top 10 Highest paid Pros in Clash Royale (Earnings)

Hey guys, good to be back. Today we’re gonna talk about a very hot topic in the recent times in the clashverse. Clash Royale is about an year and a half old now. It is pretty much the only Mobile esport that has such a huge player community all around the world with tournament prizes reaching upto a million dollars, in the CCGS finals this fall. There are thousands of pro player contracts being signed every day. There indeed is tons of money in the clash royale universe. The question thus arises- Who earns the most in Clash Royale?...

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