Welcome guys to another countering cards series, this one being on countering the sparky. As you all know, sparky is a legendary card which unlocks at Arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop). What you might not know is that Sparky is in fact a female. That’s right, sparky is a “she”. Facts aside, sparky is an absolute destroyer and can be almost impossible to deal with when supported by troops like giant , wizard, or minion horde, among others, unless you have the know-how to deal with her. That’s exactly what I’m gonna write about today, so let’s move onto it.

Cards That can Counter Sparky

First off, we’re gonna discuss about the various cards that can counter the sparky. You see guys, Although the sparky can be countered by more or less all card + freeze, it will cost you a lot of elixir. Therefore, you must know the various cards that can counter her EFFECTIVELY .



Skeletons are arguably the best and the most effective counter to a lone sparky. They cost only 1 elixir yet they have the highest damage per elixir, making them effective against almost all  cards, including the prince and mini pekka. All you need to do to counter the sparky using them is make sure that you drop them RIGHT ON the sparky, such that the 4 skeletons spread in 4 directions, 1 in each. This will make the sparky to kill 1 of them at a time, taking 20 seconds in all, long enough for them and your towers to finish her.



In my opinion freeze is still a very versatile card, and though it has no use on its own, it can be very effective in do-or-die situations, giving you the extra 4-6 seconds needed. On defense against the sparky, freeze can be used in conjunction with other cards such that the main card destroys the sparky while it is frozen. Freeze is also very effective in stopping various combos with sparky, such as wizard + sparky. I think the nerf has just made the freeze spell a little trickier to use than it was before , i.e, requiring more skill to use. It is a good move by Supercell.

Skeleton Army


Skeleton army is more like the power of 1 elixir skeletons, quadrupled. They can provide a really effective counter to various combos like sparky wizard or sparky giant, and with the addition of freeze, they can absolutely shut the sparky down In my opinion they are a must-be in your deck nowadays, due to the popularity of troops such as the mini pekka, royal giant, hog and of course,the sparky nowadays . They provide an effective counter to deal with heavy pushes.

Minion Horde


The minion horde is the best air defensive troop in the game right now. It provides double the power of minions at less than twice the cost, making it one of the most popular cards in the game right now. It is extremely effective against troops such as prince , dark prince, mini pekka, hog, royal giant, and and take almost all of them out without them damaging your tower when dropped just near the river. Against the sparky as well, drop them right on her when she crosses the bride and a good level minion horde will take her out just in time before she touches your tower.


Barbarians are another great counter to the sparky, along with many other cards, since they have an extremely high health and high damage per second, they can wipe out enemy troops like the pekka, prince , hog, etc. Against the sparky, you need to make sure you drop them right on her, such the the 4 barbarians split in 4 different directions, and then smash her before she can even take out 2 of them.


Guards are the best epic defensive card in the game right now. The main reason for this is that they have a shield on, even though they have low hitpoints. This makes them survive 2 hits ATLEAST off any troops , especially splash damaging troops, like the sparky and dark prince. They can single-handedly take down a pekka if not disturbed with. And for 3 elixir, they are a little overpowered right now. So, just like the skeletons and barbarians, make sure you split them, this way they will absolutely own the sparky


So that’s pretty much about the cards that can EFFECTIVELY beat the sparky. However, most of the times, the person will back the sparky up with troops like the minion horde, wizard, among others. That’s why im gonna be discussing part 2, Strategies, to counter the sparky combos.

Strategies to Beat the Sparky

#1- Skeletons + Freeze

The reason this is the #1 strategy to counter sparky combos is because it costs only 5 elixir. So basically your idea should be to freeze the troops behind the sparky along with the sparky herself and drop the skeletons on the troop behind such. This will eliminate her support, allowing your skeletons and tower to take her out comfortably, and allowing you to counter-push.

Other Variants:

Goblins + Freeze

Goblins provide a more fast paced attack and can take down the troop behind the sparky faster, making this variant much more viable.  The goblins cost 2 elixir, making this just cost 6 elixir in all, and due to its capability of taking down combos like giant + sparky, wizard + sparky, It is a very effective strategy indeed

Skeleton Army + Freeze

This combination provides for a more stronger approach towards the sparky, since 20 skeletons will just rip through the sparky and destroy her. This strategy is however, a little expensive, costing 9 elixir. However, it can provide a base for your counter-push, making it almost equally viable like the others

Minion Horde + Freeze

A lot of times the enemy will surely drop troops like the wizard behind your sparky, making dealing with them tough. The minion horde can take down the sparky on its own but when supported with a wizard, the minion horde will be of less effect due to the wizard killing the horde in 1 shot. This is why freeze or zap is important, so that the minion horde can take down the wizard and sparky without even being touched.This will also provide an excellent base for your counter push.

Guards + Freeze

Guards as you all know are the best defensive troop in the game. Combine them with freeze and it’s the worst thing an enemy can expect

#2- Ice wizard + ?

In case you dont have freeze or for some  reason you don’t like it, The ice wizard is the perfect replacement for you. Not only does he slow down troops but he does splash damage that can destroy ground and air troops alike.  And for 3 elixir he is a really good card. Use him to slow down sparky’s charge speed and use another troops to wreck it down.  It will really help you get a positive elixir trade and invest in your counter-push.

#3- Inferno tower + Freeze

Sometimes you just need more time. You cannot counter his push but you have an inferno tower and freeze in your hand. In these Do-Or-Die situations go ahead and freeze the sparky and other troops behind her AS SOON AS she is within your inferno tower’s range. The inferno tower will destroy her within seconds and then you can be panic-free and focus on the other troops.

That’s it for this article of the countering series, and i really hope you enjoyed it and learned how to deal with the sparky. She is a quite wholesome card with her splash damage but i can give you a really good piece of advice:            ” Confidence is Key” Don’t panic and deal with situations with patience and reason. Cheers.