Hello guys, today , after reading the feedback on the Clash Royale forums, and in game as well, i have been inspired to write this article, telling you guys about the condition of the game as well as my suggestions which I’ve heard from a lot of my colleagues. Literally 99% of the people have been complaining about the game being a “pay to win”, a “ripoff” , and so much more. So today i’m just gonna write down my thoughts about the condition of the game and give me suggestions to improve it , that is, what the developers can do to improve it, as a whole.


In my honest opinion, Clash Royale as a whole has immense potential to be a super-hit in the global gaming market, to be an extreme e-sport with people can play for years, as it has a simple yet magnificent concept of real time player vs player (PvP). The best part about Clash Royale is that you can organize tournament with your friends, family, or even with unknown people!. Thanks to the friendly battle feature it is so simple to carry forward these tournaments. Just like the Helsinki tournament, people can also organize LIVE tournaments in their locality with their friends. But here comes the first problem- It is very difficult to organize tournaments in game with your clan mates, or people from other clans. This is because there is not a proper layout or different tournament formats given by Supercell directly in game because of which everyone has to take everybody’s contact number and then communicate which makes it very hard, since communicating with lots isn’t an easy task. Moreover, most of the times people don’t corporate . This makes it very difficult to organize tournaments within the game with people who don’t know each other personally.

The second problem with this game that I’ve heard from a lot of people is the lack of other game modes  . There are only 2 real ways to play Clash Royale. Either push in multiplayer or practice in friendly battles. That’s it. This makes the game boring after some time unless you spend a healthy amount every month, because there is a limit at each level for the free-to-play players, after which pushing is simply not possible. This makes the game boring for them. Supercell really needs to introduce more game modes to really grasp the players attention.

The third problem and something that most people will agree with is that this game is a pay to win. You simply cannot reach very high unless you spend more than a healthy amount every month into the game. If you take a look at the leader-boards, literally every player has max cards, and the fact that the only motive in this game right now is to push, it’s really making this game boring for the free- players. Literally almost every complain that I’ve heard from everyone is that this game is a pay-to-win. If the developers want this game to go on they really need to introduce some new game modes so that the players don’t necessarily have to push all season

The 4th problem is that the chests opening time is a lot and the cards that they give are simply not enough. The silver chest takes 3 hours to unlock and gives 9-11 cards in return. Not really great is it? The gold chests also isn’t great , taking 8 hours to and yields about 40 cards. Another thing is that the premium chests drops are way too low, only 8 per 240 chests.

There are lack of rewards in this game.  By rewards i mean the things that we should get for accomplishing something. For example, there are only 5 achievements, very less for a game like Clash Royale, having infinite achievement possibilities. Also, the gem drops are very low in this game. You simply cannot save for a premium chest unless you are ready to spend no gems for 6-7 months. Also there is no end-of-season reward for finishing high, like at a particular trophy range.

My suggestions

My 1st suggestion for the developers would be to add a proper format into the game regarding tournaments, which should include a proper interface ( create, search, and join tournament tabs) so that people can search and join tournament directly in game and get their match schedule and bracket as soon as the creator updates it. This will promote tournaments and more people will participate as they would not have to get involved into all the hassle that they have to currently.

My 2nd suggestion and something that i really think Supercell needs to follow is adding new game modes. Right now all the players can do is push or do friendly battles, which is simply not enough. The game gets boring after a while for the free as well as pay to play players. The current motive of the game is more or less to push. I think a 2v2 mode would be really great, where players can form a duo and battle other pairs online. I won’t go into extreme depth as there are quite a lot of articles online explaining this play style. Another game mode that Supercell can bring is the friendly multiplayer, where people can battle players online without any consequence on trophy or any other rewards, so that they can test their decks in the real battlefield without having the fear of losing trophies. Most importantly, they need to add something of the clan-war sort like in clash of clans, which I’m sure they can, because they are one of the best in the world.

The 3rd suggestion that i think most people would agree with is making this game less of a pay 2 win and more of a skill-based game. Now i know this is quite hard to do because of course the ones who spend money have better cards and have the upper hand, but i think making the multiplayer matchmaking much more fair is the best way to do so. The matchmaking is really very poor. If they at least match equal players with each other there will be a lot less complains about this game being a pay to win.

My 4th suggestion and something that i think needs to be addressed is increasing chest drops and/or reducing their unlock time, or perhaps, add an additional chest slot. The 4 chest slots provided are less as a person can only play till he has some chest slots open, because playing with chest slots full is always a disappointment. The chests take a lot of time to unlock and do not yield proportionate benefits to the user. Doing any one of more of the above mentioned will surely help the players and make the game much more paced and good to play. Moreover, i think they should tweak the crown chest a little bit, by making 5 crowns the number required to open it instead of 10, and reduce the rewards a little, and give 1 crown chest every 12 hours instead of 1 every 1 days. I think this will encourage players to play for short but frequent spans of time, and also because collecting 10 crowns in a day is not very easy in the higher arenas.

My 5th and last suggestion which in my opinion is very interesting and much needed is end of season rewards. I think that right now there is no real incentive to push, as all you really get by pushing is bragging rights, and some more cards off chests. I think they really need to add many more achievements that players can complete to earn gems and gold.  Also, they should give every player a special “Arena Chest” depending on which arena they finish in. This will give players an incentive to push as high as they can. That special arena chests should drop gems , gold, xp and some surprise cards, to create an excitement in the players’ minds about that chest.

I tried my best to write down my thoughts as they came into my mind. I hope that the developers read this article and perhaps take some ideas from it. Once again, as always, thanks for reading this article guys, i hope it was innovative.