This deck is centered around the royal giant.  Since the royal giant is ranged, does mediocre damage, and has tank stats, it has to revolve around a special deck.  This deck I have made allows you to stall on defense extremely well and then pushing with a small royal giant assault when its your turn to attack.


The average elixir cost for this deck is 4.1 elixir  and the following cards used are:


Royal Giant-  The royal giant is a great tank and is a high damage per second troop.  He can usually get at least one shot on the enemy crown or arena tower but the royal giant can usually get three to five shots off onto the enemy arena or crown tower.  The royal giant has the potential to be devastating when paired up with a ton of splash damage.  I recommend two push you should try mastering.  The first push has splash damage troops supporting your royal giant.  This is a good strategy when your opponent doe not have an inferno tower to easily kill your royal giant.  The combo is the royal giant, followed by your bomber and fire spirits.  This makes it a ten elixir push and you are able to spawn the royal giant right in front of the bridge if you wanted to.  The theory around this combo is the since they do not have the inferno tower, their main royal giant counter will be either the minion horde or the barbarians.  The fire spirits can take care of the minion horde to the point where that one minion who survived will do very little damage.  This situation will have your royal giant and bomber locked onto the tower with only one minion at half health and the enemy arena or crown tower locked onto the giant.  The ending result will be that the enemy arena or crown tower that is being contested will be destroyed.  If the enemy does have an inferno tower, that strategy will not work that good. If they do have one, make sure to put some small troops in front of the royal giant.  This will help your push stay alive and ultimately do more damage.  With this push you should be able to get their inferno tower destroyed and, depending on how well they defend, three to ten whole shots on their arena tower.  The royal giant is very strong during the game right now because it has not received a nerf yet.  The hog has received a nerf which will probably make this strategy more prevalent in the meta.  The royal giant is strong against any defense that is placed down because he out ranges all of them but two.  He is weak against high damage troops like the mini the pekka, the pekka, the barbarians, and the minion horde.  He is also very vulnerable to a non placed inferno tower because the inferno tower’s scaling damage can kill the royal giant before the royal giant kills the inferno tower.

Goblin Barrel-  The goblin barrel because it only costs only three elixir, it can be used at almost any time.  When your opponent counters this, they probably will use a fire ball and it will become a become a bad elixir trade for your opponent while arrows stop being a good elixir trade for your opponent and are now an even elixir trade.  Now, the only good elixir trades for your opponent is the zap spell and the fire spirits.  The goblin barrel can be very effective and can through your opponent off guard.  The goblin barrel is mostly if not always used to be thrown at your enemy’s arena or crowns tower.  Once the goblin barrel breaks, three goblins pop out and start to attack the tower.  After each of these guys take a swing, about three hundred hit points gets taken off at a time.  This lets you get some quick burst damage onto your enemy crown or arena tower if you surprised your opponent or if they do not have a counter in their hand.  The goblin barrel, if needed to be, can be used as a quick defense.  If you has an enemy prince coming by and you have no good troops to defend against the enemy prince, you can shoot your goblin barrel down right in front of the prince.  However, the goblin barrel is mostly an offensive card.  Another offensive push you can do with the goblin barrel is the goblin barrel and zap spell push.  This push makes it so that your goblins gets a few extra hits because your enemy tower is stunned for one second.  Because of this stun, your goblins are able to get a few hundred more hit points then they would without the zap spell.  the goblin barrel costing three elixir is what I think is a great card that usually gets some damage on to your enemy towers and has few elixir advantageous counters for your opponent. You can also throw your goblin barrel to the corner of the map allowing the enemy’s arrows or fireball to miss, wasting their elixir and allowing you to keep your goblins alive.

Ice Golem- The ice golem is another card that can be a tank on defense or offense.  The ice golem is basically a a weaker giant that gives an ice wizard’s special effect upon death.    You can use this to start a push since it is your main tank.  Be careful however since the ice golem is not super tanky like the giant, lava hound, or regular golem.  My favorite push is the golem the valkyrie, cand the Royal Giant  The ice golem and the valkyrie provide so much stalling time that the royal giant can usually get to the tower and shoot a few bullets.  The ice golem is not that good on defense since it only targets towers.  However if you do use it on defense, it’s death passive will help slow down the enemy’s push.  The ice golem can also be used in conjunction with the minions to clear away any minions, minion hordes, spear goblins, goblins, goblin hordes, or skeleton armies.  The death damage in addition to the sap damage is enough to kill those troops.

Valkyrie-  The Valkyrie, even though it has a slow movement speed but makes up for it in raw damage.  The Valkyrie also only costs four elixir which is fairly cheap.   Also, if you put her in front of your furnace, your opponent will have a very hard time pushing into your base.  Instead of their usual barbarians, skeletons, spear goblins, or regular shank goblins, they have to think of some other way to  push into your base.  This is because your Valkyrie, now acting as a splash damage tank for your weaker troops and will kill any of those counters extremely quick.  If they place a high health troop down, you can easily kite them with all your small troops.  The fire spirits would not only help clear any skeletons, spear goblins, barbarians, archers, or regular shank goblins even faster by help supporting the Valkyrie, but the fire spirits can also counter any air troops.  Without fire spirits in your push, our assault can be easily taken out by the minion horde or be somewhat countered by the three elixir minions.  With the fire spirits, the three elixir minions will be reduced to nothing and the minion horde will be reduced to a single, half health minion.  Having these two troops to defend will make your base extremely strong and very hard to push into.  The valkyrie is extremely durable against most troops because she has high damage and a good amount of health.  The valkyrie can tear through the barbarians, the goblins, the spear goblins, the skeletons, the archers, and hut spam strategies.  However, the valkyrie only attacks group troops so she will be extremely weak against the three elixir minions, the minion horde, and the baby dragon.

Minions– This deck uses the Minions instead of the Minion Horde.  The Minions are preferred in this deck over the Minion Horde because you want to keep the cost of troops low.  With the royal giant and valkyrie already costing a lot, you want some cheap cards in your deck. By keeping the cost low, you will be able to cycle through your cards faster.  The Minions also do well enough against air troops like the Balloon or Baby Dragon, although for the Baby Dragon needs to target your Crown Tower first.  Minions also can take out the Barbarians with the help of the Spear Goblins.  This leaves you with a major counter push at the ready.  Also, these blue little monsters can help destroy Prince rushes with the help of some ground troops.  Even if your enemy uses Arrows, you are not at a Elixir disadvantage, unlike the Minion Horde.  The Minions could also kill a Sparky before it can take its aim at the Tower.  The minions are very vulnerable to anything that attacks air troops like the baby dragon, the witch, the spear goblins, the musketeer, the fire spirits and the wizard.  They are also weak to the ice spirits because they can be stunned long enough so the enemy tower can finish them off.  The minions are also one of your only air targeting units so you should be careful and know when the right time to use them is.  If you are seen having to defend against a lava hound or balloon without your minions or spear goblins, you will have a pretty hard time defending.  Because of this, if you see your opponent has one or two of these cards, you should save your minions or spear goblins just to counter the enemies air troops.  The minions are also weak to direct damage spells like the zap spell and the arrows.  Both of these direct damage spells will give your opponent an equal or an advantageous elixir trade.  It is strong against group troops that have a medium or low amount of health.  The are strong against the mini pekka, the musketeer, the barbarians, the pekka, and the princes.

pear Goblins-  The spear goblin card is one of the most basic troops in the game.  For being one of the first cards to be unlocked in the game, it is surprising how well they perform.  The Spear Goblins not only can defend against goblins, enemy Spear Goblins, and Minions in a one verse one with the help of your Tower, but it can also be used at the very beginning.  If the Spear Goblins are used right at the start, you force your opponent to either react to them by placing a much more expensive troop, leaving an option to have a hard counter ready, or make them just watch those Spear Goblins chip 300 damage off their tower.  300 may not seem like a whole bunch, but do that 2 or three times in a match, and you got yourself 1000 free chip damage.  The Spear Goblins can also kill a Princess that is on the bridge very quickly as long as the princess is distracted.  If the princess is not distracted and you deploy the spear goblins, they will die before they can kill the princess, making you basically waste three elixir.  On a very good note however, you can do an advanced move with these spear goblins.  the spear goblins, just like your minions, are one of your only air targeting units.  You should save your spear goblins just to counter any balloons or lava hounds they may have.  If you see that their deck does not have any of those cards, you can use the spear goblins like you normally would.The spear goblins are extremely vulnerable to splash damage units like the bomber, the Valkyrie, the witch, the bowler, the fire spirits, and the baby dragon.  The spear goblins are also very vulnerable to any direct damage spells such as the fire ball, the arrows, and the lightning spell for this deck.   The infernal dragon  still does fairly well against the meta  troops present because he still does a incredible amount of single target damage if he gets his third beam out.  The infernal dragon can kill the pekka, the golem, and the giant very quickly.   The infernal dragon can also kill princes, hog riders, and royal giants effectively.   The infernal dragon can also be on the offensive, not just the defensive front.  If you want, you can send the infernal dragon a few second after you place down your goblin gang or other goblin cards.  Your baby dragon will wreck your enemy’s arena or crown tower and your goblins will tank for your infernal tower so the infernal dragon can get more damage off.  Additionally, the goblins may be able to distract any minions your opponent may have placed down in order to react against your push.  This infernal dragon will most likely hide behind the minions and have the goblins attack it so the infernal dragon still will not be damaged.  This will increase the time your infernal dragon is alive and thus allow your infernal to do more damage to your enemy buildings whether its a spawning hut or their arena or crown towers.  The infernal dragon is weak against the small swarm troops listed above but is weak to a few select troops.  The wizard will die to the musketeer, due to its lack of point damage; the wizard, due to its inferior damage; and the ice wizard, the infernal dragon becomes too slow in attacking to do any good damage.


– The log is here because it can be combines with the tornado and Valkyrie extremely well.  The combined area of effect damage from these cards will let you wipe out big pushes.  The reason why your log is here and not your arrows or your fire ball is for a few reasons.  The log does quite a bit more damage when compared to your arrows.  In exchange for this damage, though, you cannot target enemy air troops with the log card.  In this deck,I think the log is a better choice than the arrows because you already have the furnace and the zap spell.  Both of those cards combined should let you kill any swarm air troops like the minion horde or the regular three elixir minions.  Also, the log is better than the fire ball in this deck because it is cheaper than the fire ball.  The once elixir difference can be the difference in having enough elixir to defend an enemy counter push and to have one of your crown or arena towers completely wiped out.  The log also can hit your enemy towers which can help you finish them off if they have low health.  Also, just like the fire ball, the log can help support your hog rider in your main push.  If you put the log right behind your hog rider, you will be able to use the log to push away and damage any defending barbarians.  This push back is similar to the knock back the fire ball does to any defending enemy barbarians.  The log will also sort of clear the way for your hog rider to get to the enemy arena or crown tower very easily.  The log can also be used fairly well for defensive purposes.  If the enemy is bring a strong push to your arena or crown tower, you can send in your log to not only damage the oncoming troops, but to also push them back and away from your arena or crown tower.  This push back can help you stall for another second which can really change the tide of the battle.  With that one second stall your log provides you, you may be able to reduce the damage done to your tower by hundreds of hit points. I think for three elixir, the log is a pretty good card that can help you in some situations.  I see the log more of a utility card than a damage card but it still can easily counter hut spam decks.  The log card is great in some decks while lacking in others.  The trick is to find the deck that works well with the log and you can have the element of surprise held against your enemy.

Tornado– The tornado card is a very interesting card.  Paired with any type of slash damage, you can take on huge pushes with minimal elixir in comparison.  One combo you can do from this deck is the tornado log combo.  The tornado brings all the enemy’s troops together and the log hits all of them at once putting great value on your log.  The other combo from this deck is the tornado and the Valkyrie combo.  Like before, you place your tornado to group all the enemy’s troops in one area.  You then drop yourvalkyrie so he can attack all the enemy’s troops at once do deal a lot of damage.  The tornado is also a great counter to hog rider decks.  This may take some practice, but one you get it down this trick is very strong.  When the enemy payer places down their hog rider, you place your tornado in a way where their hog rider is brought to the center.  Once the tornado dies down, the hog rider targets your king tower, not one of the two side crown towers.  The hog rider has just enough health to hit your kings dower once which activates his big cannon.  This cannon will help you with more defense.  This gives you free stats for basically no cost which may be the difference from winning the match and losing the match.  Because of this, the tornado deserves to be in your deck.  The tornado works extremely well against the hog rider, the spear goblins, the goblins, the goblin horde, the skeletons, the minions, the minion horde, the skeleton army, and the barbarians. The tornado does not work well against tanky troops like the golem, the pekka, the lava hound, and the giant.