TLDR: If you win enough times in the Clash Royale League Event, you will be able to enter a tournament and have the chance to win some delectable prize money. Original post can be found here.

Clash Royale LeagueWelcome to the ! This is YOUR chance to become a pro player! 20 wins grants access to the next round of the competition.

This challenge requires 20 wins to complete, and you are out after 3 losses! Each player is granted 3 free entries, and afterwards it will cost 10 gems per entry.

Wins NeededReward
2500 Gold
415 Rare Cards
61500 Gold
8Giant Chest
105000 Gold
12Magical Chest
1410000 Gold
1610 Epic Cards
18Legendary Chest
20200000 Gold

Some Discussion Points:

  • Share your strategy to complete the challenge
  • Share the deck you are using to complete the challenge
  • Thoughts on the Clash Royale League Challenge
  • Thoughts on the Clash Royale League